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Dual Princesses

First work with Palutena!

Hey everyone, sorry to be gone so long.  An explanation, and some other awesome things are coming soon on that topic.  For now, entertain yourselves with this lovely render of some quality time between Midna and Palutena.

Why those two?  Truthfully, no idea.  They're both extremely pretty, and the idea just manifest itself from nowhere on that shaky basis.  :lol:

So, good to be back, and I hope to have some more coming soon!
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Hi I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your 3D pinups. They look sexy, yet tasteful.
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Aw, thank you! That's really what I work hard at doing, comments like these seriously make my day every time. :) Thanks!!!
gamefreak10124's avatar
This is so hot.  Both of them are so sexy.  Excellent work as always.  :D
Feurdelis's avatar
God. Nosebleed 
Feurdelis's avatar
KeirTanaka's avatar
It appears they're attempting to seduce each other and neither is really accepting because of it!
ADS04's avatar
Waow wonderful:heart:
PS:how you found that Palutena model ?! O_O's all amazing
DarklordIIID's avatar
It's the trophy model from Brawl painstakingly un-posed. :lol:
ADS04's avatar
i see...
you use on XPS ? and if yes you are the most skilled art to do a such model :heart:
DarklordIIID's avatar
3ds max. :) Thanks all the same, though. :D
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BTW,if you don't want to share any model, i risk to understand you...and if never i have some of your model,i'll credited you all the time (write it in a note it's by you and sure to NOT forget it to credited you)
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Yeah sorry, the simple fact is they aren't my models freely to give. :( Nothing personal against you. :)
ADS04's avatar
I see:(
keep it up
DarklordIIID's avatar
Thanks for understanding. :)
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Err... Isn't Palutena a goddess?  Divinity is a bit higher on the exaltation level than royalty...
DarklordIIID's avatar
Already been brought up. :lol:
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I feel like i've been viewing way too much of this stuff... Butt watever, cuse its sooooooooo GOOD!
DarklordIIID's avatar
Thanks! :D Glad you're enjoying my work. :)
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*_____________________________* I want to go there.
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