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Do Androids Dream Of Baby Stars


This week's release is in the spirit of Halloween, a little dress up! We have 2B modeling the aesthetic of Princess Rosalina for this lovely little number!

I had a lot of fun designing this one, trying to straddle the different visuals of Nier and Mario, but I'm quite pleased with the result overall.

Thanks for looking!


Jordan Breon, MPYami, Fleurdelis thank you all so much for your ongoing support!

If you'd like to join them and help me make cool stuff, Support me on Patreon! For your $3 contributon you'll get early access to W.I.P. renders, NSFW content throughout the month with no wait, and for $6, you get your name up here on this list and my deep and eternal gratitude. (And probably a request at some point when I'm running low on ideas. That happens a lot...)

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You're getting hooked on 2B I see...

DarklordIIID's avatar

I have a thing for women who I'm pretty sure could kill me in a solitary blow.

Now I just need to finish the games. But I've been too busy preparing DND sessions and making art :noes:

Cash4488's avatar

I know what you mean, and it helps when they are unbelievably sexy.

My mantra is to always finish what you start, make an effort and you will complete them.