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Biotic Seduction


This week we have a quite steamy set featuring two of, IMO, the more interesting characters from Mass Effect 2: Jack and Miranda. The fire between these two from minute one, and their eventual reconciliation in 3, make them a hell of a pairing with an oddly large number of things in common with one another.

To me, it only makes sense these two hook up. So enjoy!


NSFW alt of this pose, and two additional poses available via Patreon. Follow me on twitter to hear when the full set is released at the end of the month, and thanks for your support!


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oh my god this is awesome
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Jack: I gotta admit, you have nice tits, cheerleader...
Miranda: I don't you admiring my body...
Everyone watching the two: MAKE OUT ALREADY!!!

Really well done.  Like the posing and lighting effects for the biotics
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:lol: Love the dialog! And thanks! :)
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I would look at their wedding! HOW they swear to each other in love, put rings on their tender fingers and at the end kiss passionately!Huggle! Hug I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. Heart Heart Heart Nod Giggle 
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