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A-Peeling Pauline


Up this week we have yet another pinup starring the lovely Pauline and a banana.

I promise after this one I'll mix it up with her more. :D

But seriously, I love how this one turned out. I'm sorry I haven't done any crazy complicated works recently, we're still putting the house back together after the move. I think I'm overdue for some pretty awesome ones so look for those coming soon.

Thanks for looking!


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DAAAAMN, sexy work as always man! I don't think I'll ever get tired of Pauline and her sexual inuendo bananas. LOVE the way the sunlight reflects off her supple skin man, hand on her booty as she noms. Excellent work as well on the setting and even how it's giving me all those wonderful DK vibes man, with the wood and vines making for gorgeous scenery! 
DarklordIIID's avatar
:D Thanks! The wife and I had a lot of fun finishing this one. :)
Feurdelis's avatar
I could imagine man. So glad you and your wife have a blast doing these!
DeadCobra's avatar
Shes really fine Horny! 
WeaponTheory's avatar
DarklordIIID's avatar
Hah, I hadn't seen that one before! I like it better!
Andruril93's avatar
There's only one quote on my mind right now:

"I would love to PEEL this banana" (if you could hear the voice it's done in, you'd get it)
Psycho-Carlos's avatar
Jawdrop (Keep calm, Carlos, Isn't what you're thinking)
DarklordIIID's avatar
It might be... it might be...
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