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Yep. So.....
Not dead yet.
Gosh its terrible how I never upload squat. Hmmmm
When you decide to stop hating yourself over everything and try again.
I dunno the last few years, what has happened with my mental health. Trying again to sort myself.
I wonder if I can stick to updating this again? Its been a while ^^
Curious and asking if anyone who happens to read this has any end of year goals?

I personally would like to finish up some of my pony customs I started, get back on my belated trades,
finish (hopefully) THE EPIC LATCHHOOK OF FOXES from the extra large kit I started.
That and come back out under from my rock.
My health has been pretty bad the last few years but I've started some intense doctors and PT, therapy, and etc....
Trying to get my head back on so to speak. Hopefully doing/getting back to art in many senses will help with that.
It haven't updated art in forever... Hopefully can get back into it...after...drumroll!!!
🌈My little pony fair! *Swoons*
Can't believe it! ✨😂🌸🎀🍧💙💚💜❤️💛💖
See you there?!🌹Surprise! Excitement! Nervous! Art! by darkligress
Going to Rose City comicon <3
Hi there!  I am excited to say I have  a new facebook group called geekbook!
Its for buying and selling geek things made by and for geeks! 
We also feature items used to make such things :)…
Thank you kindly  and  geek on <3
Looking to do a custom pony swap(s) with a theme (no original characters  or complex fan characters please). This is where we take a pony bait and customize it and send to each other when finished. 
I typically use yarn hair but I can use other hair depending on the type and level of trade.
Send me a pm if you do custom ponies and maybe we can come to an arrangement.

It takes me several months  to do art as this is a hobby for pleasure not a forced thing and I'm looking for quality over speed so keep this in mind when sending me a note, If you aren't patient you won't be happy with the result anyhow because my best work  is done while inspired :)  If the theme isn't something I am interested in I apologize,I will try and work with you but please don't get crazy if my trades are full or  if we cannot.Sorry I don't have examples up publicly but I will work on that.

This journal will remain up while looking for trades :)
Looking for a few art trades- drawing pony original charachters only.  people with a ref sheet only. If you do not have a picture reference- use  pony creator and a drawn symbol is fine. Only taking 2.
May take a while as I also have some to do from facebook :)

*NOT first come first served *
but will take you into consideration more if you post a link to what you consider  A)your best and  B)worst peice of pony art :) C) is your ref sheet should you wish it posted publicly

1. taken on fb
2. taken on fb

Once the first persons is confirmed I will post my reference to them and them to me :)

Note; I do not draw in "official" Freindship is Magic style and also do not expect you to either unless its best for you

Closed: If anyone else wants one please pm and I will make a new journal when I am interested. ( Unless I message you first that means I am open to that person <3)
Attention pony artists and collectors of custom ponies. ( And all who love buying art!) I'd like to invite you to a facebook group made by me for pony artists  to sell and pony custom collectors to find new pony art to collect!   We currently have over 100 members, and plenty of sales and ponies looking for a special home! Hope to see you there! :)

Group url :…

Art for me and it is amazing!… <--- my girl Ligress (the alicorn one that is!)

Go commission ellissg! Or weep for you do not own an awesome slice of her art! :3 <---click ittttttttttt  ( this leads you to go see her page!)
Watcher Contest from deviantart user Nazegoreng:

Go watch her, and you have a chance to win one of these ponies!

Click here to go enter!!!
Created a group for people selling their custom ponies!
If you like to buy them you are welcome to join too!……

Just making a post here; if I own a custom pony of yours and you have it on deviantart I will add it here :)
So damn happy. I can't even tell you what level this is but its amazing ^^
It's happening now! =) I am returning....AGAIN XD
Just adding a little note saying I am alive and raring to go...
and yes, I am a full fledged MLP-FIM and old school pony-huggin beast.
Expect things to show up here soon :3
I am thrilled about recent changes. We will see as things progress.
I am having a really weird time in my life right now.
It's like my OCD and ADD have merged into this giant eel pile of creativity I can't manage.

I create endless amounts of stuff I can't bear to upload since I think...geeze what the hell is this?

Am I doing this? I need to be doing this better. Or more coherently. Or with more style.

Now what :C
I'm learning to do MLP stuff. :3

Yay me ^^
Just a few more moments...
A Happy New Year to you all, may this year be a good one.