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Planet of the apes: Revolution



meih, the inspiration for this was actually my lack of awe on the ending of the rise of the planet of the apes of the snowcones... anyway, I think they should make a movie where in an alternate universe mister scarface (they who saw the movie know who I mean) take the lead and slaughter every human in an epic war!!

yeah, I didn't like the last ending, the trailers were all about how apes came up to their masters, so I thought humans would be monkey-slaves from now on. But the ending was to euphoric.

anyway, hope you enjoy this :D

material used:
sky, rocks, gorillaz etc used from CGTextures
the eye is actually from the rise of movie poster
The font I found somewhere on the webs
lightning I stole from google, too lazy to draw my own (and I don't like the effect with the cloud effect of photoshop)

some effects that I used:
Radial blur, lots of curves and layer modes
Image details
Image size
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Do you recall the font. I really like the poster but that font is tit's.