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A quickie

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This is gonna be really really short, I Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday, I should get caught up on here soon, been pretty busy lately outside here in the *cough* "real world".. Hope everyone is enjoying the ride! Peace and Love to all :hug: :heart:

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Do you use "Save as" or "Save for Web" in Photoshop for uploading.

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Save As
Save for Web
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So for those that weren't aware my camera(40D Canon) had been out of commission for a while apparently with a dead shutter, I kept getting ERR99. My warranty had run out as the camera had been bought cheaply as a refurb back in january. So being as silly as I am decided to replace it myself after seeing 40D shutters for sale on ebay for $60, fortunately I was able to complete the repair successfully. I was a little nervous because I hadn't seen any mention from do-it-yourselfers in forums saying that they had completed that sort of repair themselves for that model.(though i did see one that had done it for a 20D and that gave me enough confidence to do it on my own)

This is what my 40D looked like torn down to the shutter. :oops:

And now its working like new again, hopefully it continues to :aww:

So that out of the way, I'd like to say hello to all of my new watchers and thanks to everyone for the support. :D

Here are some of my more recent faves and yea its not all photos, I look at alot more than just photography on here, these really stood out to me, thank you for looking!

Departure From the Northern... by Karezoid winter fairy tale I by maticgolob :::silent dream::: by designtu :thumb132395868: :thumb128144588: :thumb127275386: Cormorants by samuilvel protect me by EbruSidar MS found in a bottle by Keid-89 frodo by modernoise enlightenment by Anti-Pati-ya Artemis's Death by sonar-ua

Skogafoss by Aphantopus The Cuillins by Mohain Rainbow by gbiermanski :thumb135284060: I Remember Spring Time by Vividlight The background painting by AndreeWallin prision quantum by gesign

Elders by externalmind Elephant Lost in the Forest by DragonSpark On_the_way by malikadnanayub The Sandstorm by Iribel Night by the river... by uberfischer The Hunt by externalmind the Gate by weremoon

I plan on doing some watcher features in my next journal or two, if anyone wishes to be featured just respond below or note me, the only catch is that I get to pick the photo/photos that get featured :aww: :peace:

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Daily Deviation

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Sooo I was gone for a week up in Maine, no computer, no internet (was lovely) and when I got home I noticed one of my photos
skywalker by darklabyrinthe
ended up as a DD, so this is just a quick thank you to jadefyres-freedom and morbidXfox for suggesting it and FaMz for featuring it, muchos gracias! :] needless to say theres alota messages I havent responded to :oops:

Its been a pretty soggy summer here so far, so I hope everyone else is staying dry at least :aww:

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Well.. I haven't been on here too much lately or been thanking people for favorites or watches in a while. I think once it went over like 1000 I just sorta left it there, it just seemed a little too overwhelming to even try. So thanks to each and everyone whos been commenting, faving or just watching in recent months, I do appreciate it.

Most of the stuff I've done on this website is pioneering work or just goofing off. I haven't been doing photography for very long but I feel like I have a pretty good base floor understanding since I started doing this in January. My biggest weakness technically is probably photoshop. I don't even know how many times I've adjusted an image and then compared it to the camera's JPG and then said to myself, good god.. I really think you do become blind if you stare at something long enough :D I think I also really need to invest in a quality monitor, I've been using a widescreen HDTV for a while and its really crap for photo adjustments. Does anyone have any recommendations for a reasonably priced widescreen monitor that also has accurate color reproduction?

So after 6 months of killing my cameras shutter I think I decided I wanna focus mostly on conceptual art and just do maybe some landscapes or whatever else when the opportunity arises, although I don't think I ever wanna get too locked into one facet. I think I'd get way too bored and that would be the end of it.. I've also wanted to do some more painting or even sculpting but I always have this tendency to bite off more than I can chew sometimes and nothing ever gets finished.

Anyhow if you want, this is a good time to say hello or tell me you hate me :D sometimes its nice to venture beyond the mundane ridiculousness that this website commands at times, one could die of repetitive stress injuries.

Heres some faves I gathered recently, good stuff!

mist 51 by Hengki24 Path of the Heart by reydoo
Im a dreamer by Healzo Iceland 28 by lonelywolf2
:thumb69600313: Forgotten Tales of the Sea by dzian
The Jealous Wall, Ireland by fluffyvolkswagen The Point of No Return by LastGlance

Thanks for looking :aww:

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