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Theme Piece: Armor
“Now remember,” Coat-Check said in his usual monotone voice. “the Wizard of Z'nark is an extreme eccentric and rather prone to flights of fancy. I highly, highly suggest that you simply do your best to remain quiet and as unobtrusive as possible. Please allow me to do the talking.”
Since WizGal and WarDude were located to the rear of their glorious leader, this allowed them to exchange a knowing look. So unobtrusive and quiet was this glance that their fearless leader never even noticed it as they walked down the city streets.
“So just like when we approached the last ninety-nine people for help finding this mystical doo-dad of yours, we're expected to just sit pretty and play window dressing. I have to wonder why you even bother to keep us around.” WizGal remarked dryly.
“Because, without your presence my monologues would look silly and cause concern among the passing citizenry.” Coat-Check's response was as even-keeled as ever.
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Pumpkin by DarkKnightSpider Pumpkin :icondarkknightspider:DarkKnightSpider 1 1 Theme Piece: Grip of Winter by DarkKnightSpider Theme Piece: Grip of Winter :icondarkknightspider:DarkKnightSpider 0 0 Theme Piece: Grip of Winter by DarkKnightSpider Theme Piece: Grip of Winter :icondarkknightspider:DarkKnightSpider 0 0
To Regain the Past
The cursor sat, unmoving, in the unchanging sea of white page space that was his word processor. It sat there, waiting to move-- waiting to receive input of any kind.
Then the screen went dark. A red glob of stuff appeared on the monitor. It dropped to the bottom edge of the screen and abruptly bounced off to the far right corner. He sighed. His right hand flicked the mouse, dispersing the intrusive screen saver and bringing up his empty word document once again.
His fingertips rested against the smooth plastic of the keyboard. He could press anyone of those keys and send a message to the computer, prompting that little blinking line to print a letter on the screen. Another keystroke would create another letter. Those letters would join together to form words. Those words would make paragraphs. Those paragraphs would create the most important message of his life.
But the words would not come to him; without those words, there would be no letters. Without those letters, the could be no
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Theme Piece: Anger Issues by DarkKnightSpider Theme Piece: Anger Issues :icondarkknightspider:DarkKnightSpider 0 2
Unclear Visions: Chapter 16
This would be such a simple operation if he had his old team. Stanley's sharp eyes would pick out the guard with the keys to the captive's chains. Lara would infiltrate the camp unnoticed and steal the keys. Eryne would torch a far corner of the camp as a distraction. Then Stanley and himself would charge in for melee while Eryne provided support and Lara freed the captives. It would be a quick and clean strike.
With two of his team dead and one a traitor, Wraith found himself having bit off far more than he could hope to chew. A frontal assault on these slavers was tantamount to suicide-- no matter how good Rosewood professed to be. Subterfuge was the only measure he found halfway workable.
Subterfuge also required a fair amount of time and planning, two items of which Rosewood was not inclined to give him.
“The only exploitable flaw that I can see,” Wraith said to Rosewood, more to forestall any impatience on her part than for simple conversation. “is the way they'v
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Unclear Visions: Chapter 15
“It was so kind of these slavers to leave such a tell-tale trail for us.” Rosewood said bitterly.
“I doubt that they had a choice in the matter.” Cedric, now known as Wraith, muttered in reply. “You can't drag several dozen prisoners through the underbrush and not leave a trail. The sheer number of men required to keep that many prisoners in line also made it impossible for them to be stealthy.”
Neither of them were an expert tracker. Cedric/Wraith had some nominal skill in the art and Rosewood wasn't one to pay attention to any science not directly related to separating life from limb. Fortunately, the trail left in the slavers' wake had been so overtly obvious that it would have been all but impossible to miss.
Despite the passage of time and the loss of his title and position, Wraith found himself at home with the situation. He had followed in the wake of criminals many a previous time. The thought caused a familiar ache in his heart. In the past
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Unclear Visions: Part 14
Someone had done a real number on this caravan. The wagons had been overturned, mauled and mangled. Items and keepsakes lay strewn about the ground, each one hastily searched and just as hastily discarded. Dead bodies, still warm, of the human variety lay everywhere. Much of the scene had been hastily burned.
Cedric realized the scope of the devastation instantly. Had the bandits and marauders become so bold as to strike this close to Morgard? His teeth ground together at the answer.
The snapping of foliage brushed his ear. He snapped about to face the source of the noise, one hand darting towards the short sword at his side. At least Catherine hadn't left him entirely defenseless, the wry part of his mind noted.
A moan came from the thicket. He relaxed ever so slightly. That was the sound of an injured, not someone looking to pick a fight. He moved forward, seeking the origin of the sounds. It didn't take him but a moment to find a strapping young woman sprawled out in the underbrush.
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So... yeah, welcome to my little corner of Deviantart.

Most of the stuff you'll see here consists of my entries to the CHALLENGE over at [LINK]. It's this deal where you're challenged to create one unique piece of art a day and upload them all to the world wide web before the week officially ends. I'm currently on my tenth straight week of successful CHALLENGE completion and hoping that there'll be a few more weeks to come in the future.

I'm not much of an artist, so any art that I do make will mostly consist of Order of the Stick 'stick figure' style. I'm mostly a writer, so that's where a lot of my CHALLENGE fulfillment will be.

I hope that you enjoy my little uploads here and that they brighten your day a little. If they do that, then their purpose has been fulfilled. ;)


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