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Wasteland Truck

second of my post apocalyptic vehicle series. Personal work. Modeled with 3dsmax, rendered with v-ray. Lots of overpainting in photoshop.
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brilliant work, just brilliant!!
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Erm... where is mad max?
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Battle bus, mad max style. F u fortnite.
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Very nice!

You gotta get this into our gallery :

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It's everything you need for your trek through the post apocalyptic wasteland.
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Badass... A real Deathlands-wag
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Why does the bus have a rear diff if it's not hooked up to anything?
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because it's still a solid axle?  and it's beefy? Which would be required to hold up to the abuse from a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It could alsobe the axle the bus had originally.

Not to mention even if you did take the guts out of the diff, the axles themselves would come undone since the axle ends have C-clips that hold them in against the spider gears of the diff. Most would jsut take the diff cover off and weld the whole thing...but maybe a welder is scarce, so they just leave the diff  as is and cut off the driveshaft.
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Wow awesome work! Amazing details, lighting and shading/texturing. Well done :)
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This is badass to the max. 
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Without a naked girl on the hood it seems... well, naked.
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Is that a standard option, or does it cost extra?
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Just excellent, Marvellous and outstanding piece of art.
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Awesome work! How many polygons in the scene?
it looks like megatron from tf3
Awesome artwork.
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... wow, it's amazing! :clap:
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