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Wasteland Traveler

After seeing newest Mad Max trailer too many times, I had to make my own post nuclear dreamcar. 3dsmax, V-ray and photoshop.
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Carro Apocalipse tbt1

just a tribute...and a little bit of insonia!

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Hi Dark, this is a great madmax fanart! what make and model vehicle is this wastelands car based off of? i have used your art piece as a reference for a traditional re-draw of it and wanted to credit you and post my work on instagram. @beaudan_edward thanks!
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You GOTTA offer this on out site!

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This car would fit like tight latex gloves in the world of Fallout as well. In case you have never touched the cult classic, just wanted to let you in on a secret:

I think it is the best post-apocalyptic sandbox video game that exists on Earth right now! 

The problem though, is that there are few workable vehicles in the world of fallout as if all of the metal and chassis were wrecked during the armageddon. 

It would be sweet if you could add this to the world as a MOD and operate it with a script!
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I gotta say.. This is epic!
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Daum is that America M. have been modify . It's Cool design ~~ Great job ~~~Heart Heart 
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Awesome render, high quality and alot of details. Definitely love it! <3 
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i wonder what an r33 skyline would look like?
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Looks very awesome! 8-)
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I've seen better. No, wait, I haven't.
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Freakin awesome!
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I just can hear some desert rock playing in the background right now!
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Fantastic Work. Great setting and composition,
Is that a Cuda ?

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this is something i would take the kids to soccer practice in No one mess with ma kids
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Perfekt in Scene gesetzt, 1a super arbeit:) (Smile)
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i am a huge mad max fan eve thou i am 15
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Okay; now this is tottaly Mad Max ! This is very awesome
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Parfait j'adore !
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