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June 20, 2021
Bellringer - Great bellcrab by Darkki1
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Bellringer - Great bellcrab

Bellringer was the personal project of mine where I wanted to explore this dark fantasy setting and practice IP development. More images at artstation:…
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© 2021 Darkki1
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joejarrah's avatar

My word, that's a bit special! Truly awesome image, and i don't use that word lightly.

Great work, Perfect to book cover

kceg's avatar

reminds me of mtg card 'ruin crab' : ) nice work

MizuStyle's avatar

The bell is his weakness! :0

YokaiGFX's avatar

I really want to know how the crab got a bell for its shell. I'd love to see how it acquired it.

RandomFoxFan's avatar

Great work! and hit the 1K mark!

This is very wonderful photo. Looking very amazing. Thanks for uploading it. Please visit on varindia site to know abut

Slofkosky's avatar

Oh holy wonderful cow! That great bellcrab is a story all within itself.

DawidRayFriebe's avatar

This is absolutely stunning! *,* Congrats!

DemandHandimation's avatar

Looks like it would make for quite a delicious beast with butter!!

All jokes aside, this is an absolute masterpiece of an artwork!!! :clap:

cnotbusch's avatar

The story telling here is great. Makes me wonder if the giant crustation is the cause of those crashed ships.

Tombofsoldier's avatar

Truly, a giant enemy crab.

LiquidFrogStudios's avatar

Would make for a really epic boss fight!

UnlnU's avatar

Difficult to cook with a bell on its back.

FSudol's avatar

A bell for a shell, that's funny. Awesome illustration.

MaltePawelek's avatar

fantastic idea brillant executed, (make some NFT`s and get rich)

GermanPete's avatar

OK, a giant hermit crab settling in a bell I can get.

But who in their right mind was nutty enough to hang smaller bells onto it?

I mean: Damn, yo got some balls of polished steel but ... wow.

Very cool piece!

HeltorkN's avatar

Ladies and gentlemen, the lead artist for Elden Ring is here

mrcreilly's avatar

Amazing imagination well executed. :)

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