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This is where I've been. Heavily working on the Calender. For those of you that don't know, the calender will feature 12 original collaborations that won't be released until after the calender is. I was bored at work today and made this little ad for it to pass the time, I had a lot of fun with it. It's also an homage (read: parody/heavily inspired by) to the Grindhouse poster, which was wonderfully done. It's a work in progress, obviously, and I'll add names and thumbnails of the finished pieces as I receive them. And let me note, the calender is INVITATION ONLY. Do not send me notes asking to be in it. This is a project that I'm doing with my friends here, not random people. Anyway, enjoys!

EDIT: I apologize to everyone who has seen a sneak preview of the calender. I'll pay for testicular reconstruction surgery due to its over-awesomeness.

Oh yeah, stock brown paper is by :iconephedrina-stock:
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i'm clearly stupid and didn't see the link at the bottom to the stockkk.