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Latika Waits

She waits for her big foxy boy to give her cuddles and oil. Why would a fire type need blankets on their beds, especially in the tropics? Well you can't just have a bare mattress in the room, silly, that's just telling everyone you've got bad tastes. Also the storms on the islands are quite cold and severe, and sometimes a blanket is how you keep warm in your airy home.

Was inspired by this picture here:

Salazzle/Pokemon (C) Nintendo/GAME FREAK
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Beautiful and gorgeous :3

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Nice. Good posing and great expression on your character!

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Thank you! I hope you didn't mind me linking your picture.

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I don't mind at all. I appreciate it actually!

She looks so beautiful

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She's going to have to keep waiting because I'm on the 4th boss in BloodBorne and can't pause.

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Well surely as a guest in her house, you could use a drink... Would you care for a margarita or some palm wine? Or perhaps some Kona or perhaps some sake?

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