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Lords of uberdark mob concept art by DarkhogDarkhogini Lords of uberdark mob concept art by DarkhogDarkhogini
Spawns in dark places, not necessarily at night. Can walk on walls. It aims to damage player as much as possible by shooting balls of web that have 5% chance to spawn another Spionion if normal spawn conditions are met and ball didn't hit player. Attack power is 2, def 1, HP 15

It comes in three variations: Mythril, Gold and Stone. Head and "claws" are textured like material it is made of. It has 1% to spawn if there's no trees around and additional 2% for any nearby tree. That means it has highest chance to spawn in forest. Variation of Conehead is chosen at random with equal chance for all three. After killing, it changes ground around it in radius of 2.5 meters to material it is made of and cut any trees in that radius (changing into appropriate amount of logs). Attacks by stabbing player using its pointy cone claws
Mythril Conehead: HP: 85, Atk: 4 Def: 6
Gold Conehead: HP: 45, Atk: 3, Def: 3
Stone Conehead: HP: 23, Atk 2, Def 1

From distance, it looks like ordinary piece of stone. But when player comes into 4 meter radius, it shows it true nature. Immediately shows its teeth and open his red eyes which happens to glow in the dark (their light, however, doesn't prevent Spionions from spawning in the area). Attacks by jumping onto player and bites him painfully. When misses player and fall on ground, it turns that ground into solid stone (not mixed with other materials like dirt) within radius of 1 meter. HP: 7, Def: 3, Atk: 2.

Like toothrock, from distance it looks normally. Like ordinary bush. But when player comes into radius of 3 meters from Psibush it shows his face and after second push player on big distance (which, after fall damage implementation will hurt, but is harmless as of itself). The best way to kill it is to use distance weapon. HP: 3, Def: 2, Atk: 0 (though fall damage will do the trick)

Of course lives in water, usually near coast. It is different from sharks we know, though. For instance it doesn't have fin on its back and is hard to see in water due to very similar coloring. There's 75% chance of that shark will attack player and 15% of that it will ignore him. HP: 16, Atk: 5, Def: 4

Passive mob, that spawns randomly (10% chance of spawning during day and 3% of spawning at night +1% chance of spawning for any other dog nearby) thorough the world. There's 50% of chance that dog will help player fight monsters (until something better like taming is done). However dog will attack player if he attacked dog previously (even by accident). HP: 8, Atk: 2, Def: 1

Concept art contains proposition of coloring for mobs except parts that may change (like Conehead's head/claws)
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July 13, 2012
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