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Magical Land Inside A Clock Contest by DarkhogDarkhogini Magical Land Inside A Clock Contest :icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 0 3 The Mountain by DarkhogDarkhogini The Mountain :icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 2 0
Important message RE Scalebound's cancelation.
You probably know me from the Drachenwelt story series that I plan on continue once I'm finished with my current game or have load lightened by outside help. If not, you can read it up, was posting one each day. So when i'm doing something I'm doing everything I can to make it work.
The dolts at Microsoft? They... don't. This is about Scalebound, a dragon game that was unfairly cancelled by those idiots. If you care about games, if you care about dragons, if you care about f()&%ing DRAGON GAMES, you need to help me.
We need to mail our messages of displeasure to both Platinum and Microsoft (more so to the Microsoft, because they're truly responsible, but Platinum's fault is not looking for a different publisher and signing exclusitivity contract in first place).
Another thing is that we need to start twitter campaign with the hashtag #SaveScalebound and make on dA and on other both furry and dragon-oriented sites huge amount of Scalebound fanart and fanfics, from the little that is kno
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 1 2
Bringing family together

Part 172 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
“So you need to learn it. Try again, okay?”
“I... I'll try.” Jeremy replied.
“Try using tail for steering! And keep it bet higher when starting.” Some short human from behind replied.
“And how would you know?” John asked, looking at human. He was half as short as himself.
“I am dragon in real life. So I know a thing or two about flying. Saren, nice to meet you.”
“Um... John. We're kinda new here and there are four more of our friends here.”
“Ah, I've seen some new players talking at the base's cafeteria. Maybe they're ones you're looking for? But first let's see if the big guy over there can fly.”
Jeremy made use of Saren's advice and after few more tries he was able to fly around.
“Cool.” John said with a genuine appreciation. “Now, where's the cafeteria?”
“Oh, you just need to go to this corridor over
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 0 0
Try again

Part 171 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
John went near the door and had seen panel to the side of it, with a picture of hand and some octagonal pattern on it.
“Hm, octagons seems to be running theme around here. And that is a hand scanner if I'm not mistaken.” John mused, then put his hand to the panel. After few seconds he heard a small beep and the door opened.
If that's the place all players are being sent after creation, I think my siblings should be somewhere around, if they figured out character creation, that is. John thought entering large corridor populated by various species, most of them being players.
“Now, where could they-- OUCH!” John was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't notice that he had bumped into some big, red-eyed and blue-scaled dragon. He was about two times bigger than the human, very muscular, with veins popping around the muscles and bipedal. “Um... Sorry for that. Should probably look w
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 1 1
A whole new universe

Part 170 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
John was separated from his siblings and now was standing on some octagonal surface that was... nowhere, in most literal sense. The octagonal “floor” was hanging in an infinite blackness. Great, now what? He thought. Then he heard a female voice that was going from nowhere and everywhere.
“Welcome to Space World VR! This is your character creator. Please note that during gameplay you'll be able to change certain features, but things like your face or chosen species is final until you either delete character or buy additional character slots, $8 each, then start with a new character.” The mirror appeared in front of John, showing that he looked quite generic... for a flame suspended in mid-air. “Please select your species.”
“Uh... Human.”
“You've chosen: Human.” The image in the mirror, and consecutively John himself now showed some rather generic loo
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 1 0

Part 169 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
“Any idea how to set up that thing?” Tony asked, holding his TrueVR headset.
All of the kids were in the living room, on the couch. They've agreed it was best place to open TrueVR as nothing would hurt them once they're woken up. The couch was really comfy, even for the humans.
“You just put it on the head and turn it on. Just get into comfy position or you'll be in a lot of pain once you're awaken.”
“No, I mean multiplayer thing. I've played with it already, made bunch of stuff.”
“Oh, dunno. But there is a manual as far as I know. It should be there.”
“Is there any MMO for this? I've always wanted to play one but due to our predicament, I've never been able to.” Paul suggested.
“Beats me, but we could check. When I was first inside it presented me with list of few 'online worlds' which probably are something like MMOs.” Jo
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 0 0
A nice morning

Part 168 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
John woke up with a big headache. I can't believe they're gone. He thought. A whole week passed since they got to this world and then returned, but it still seems to me like it was some dream. It was really unreal for John, as those people were just like him, to some extent. He really clicked well with Drake. As for Jameson and Daniel... well, it could be worse. They fought The Order and then the Slayers in total unity – five of them: John, Drake, Jameson, Daniel and Isaac. And they did so because they wanted both humans and dragons to be free.
It was now a Sunday, and a thought struck John's mind: He was sixteen, so he could legally drive a car. But it would have to have some good engine. Well, flying is cooler anyway, even if just on some board. Let's get some breakfast. he thought and ventured downstairs to the kitchen.
“Hi, Aris.”
“Oh, hello John. Your siblings are st
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 0 4
The reason

Part 167 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
“Anyway, I didn't come here just for a chat.”
“I've figured out so much. So, is The Order giving troubles again?”
“No, not at all. I've just came here to give Jameson this.” Agent Wilson pulled up small plastic card.
John just noticed that Jameson was standing around, near the door.
“Okay, so give me these and let it be over with.” Jameson said, a bit angry. He didn't want to be here for more time that was necessary, despite all the kindness Aris has given him for the past few days. Jameson didn't mind John or his siblings, even though particular Jeremy was quite annoying with his unwarranted optimism for the dragons. He did, however, mind certain silver dragoness that could make a meal out of him at the moment's notice. Maybe he should trust her more but he wasn't about to risk his life. She may be nice to him now, but what about tomorrow? Next week? He knew that thos
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 0 0
A black limo

Part 166 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
“So this is a 'goodbye' huh?” Drake mused as the portal to his world was opening was opening. “One thing I know for sure, my visit here will make hell of a report. Especially that portal technology of yours.”
“Yeah... But I think they may have trouble believing your tale.”
“How so?”
“Say, I'd return now to my world and start telling about what I've seen, what I've lived through. No one would believe me, and probably they'd sign me up to a psychiatric facility.” John said. “Even if some guy would get to this world for just few hours and allowed me to upload my memories to his brain, when he'd back he'd have to mark it as a story, that has nothing to do with reality.”
“Well, my world has portal technology of their own and with existence of dragons there, I don't believe it would be too much of a stretch to say what happened here. Some other
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 0 0
Who's going first?

Part 165 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
John flew around a bit and when he saw all slayers being taken away, he landed.
“You know, you didn't have to bite my hand so hard. Or push me on that rubble for that matter,” Andrews said as soon as the young human landed.
“Sorry, it had to look believable.” John said. “If I did everything right, I'll get to play 'Slayers' secret agent' card one more time. I hope we'll not need it anytime soon, but it's good to have it in case it is needed.”
“Ekhm...” Drake cleared his throat while floating slightly behind John.
“Oh, sorry. Andrews, could you get him to those agents that can open portal back to his world?”
“Me too.” Daniel, blending with the night, as he was back in his black form, said.
“Right. Where's Jameson by the way?”
“Here.” He said coming out from under some devastated barrel. “But I don
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 1 2
Biting the hand that feeds you

Part 164 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
John and the Slayers were going through the rubble. After climbing on one oversized wood piece too much, the slayer from before said “You said that will be easy” in general direction of John.
“No, I've said that rubble will cover us well. Never said going this way will be easy.” John replied.
Very few people noticed that Slayer forces were thinner and thinner with each passing minute as they were losing consciousness. And those who did and didn't shrug it off or think it was because of weariness, fainted as well.
That was until they were almost there. The commander looked back to check on his forces finding out there was only fifteen people left.
“What is going on here?” He asked in an annoyed tone.
“Beats me,” John replied, after looking back as well. “Maybe they ran way. In any case, we should go there. My unique abilities will let me deal with any of those dra
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 0 0
Good cover

Part 163 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
“They're about a kilometer away,” Daniel said when he landed back and changed into his fire form.
“Good.” John replied. “We have some time to make up something that resembles a battle plan. How many of them there are?”
“Many, probably two or three platoons.”
“In English, please. I don't speak military.”
“Seventy to ninety soldiers.”
“Oh. Then we have a problem, especially since they're equipped to handle dragons.”
“But are they prepared to handle someone like us?” Isaac interrupted. “The way I see it, we could go first, then use our powers to disarm most of their forces before they notice what is going on.”
“Interesting. Hm, we could even fake that we are with them, but it depends...”
“Hm? What are you thinking about?” Graseth asked.
“I've never met that many Slayers in that base
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 1 1
Sound of the good plan

Part 162 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
“Drake, Daniel, are you still there? Good. Come here. You need to hear this first.” John said.
“What is it? You damn well know I just HAVE to get back to my world.” Daniel asked.
“Well, remember that I've said Ian can't get here.”
“What's about that?” Drake asked curiously.
“Well, it was because a group of slayers broke out of the prison. Dragon slayers to be exact. And they don't differentiate between good dragon, like Aris, you two, or Graseth over there, and bad ones like those Order jerks we've dealt with. Of course no one is holding you here, you may go now if you want, just I've thought you might've want to know.”
“Do they kill also hatchlings and dragonesses?” The white dragon asked.
“Everyone. They'd even break dragon egg if you'd leave them with one.”
Drake roared angrily and literally turned red. “Those... bastards...
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 1 3
Always on the wrong side

Part 161 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
“See? I just knew THAT will happen.” A human fighting agent Ian Wilson near the carnival as explosion after explosion was heard. The very same John, Drake and the rest were fighting.
“Aaron Anderson, always choosing wrong side... How many years do we know each other? Since childhood. And then you ran to the Slayers.” Ian said with clear disdain.
“Because they showed me how dragons actually treat humans. We are just toys to those reptiles, or pets in best case. We can't be equals... with them. Those monsters must die.”
“Liar. I know many dragons. Many different dragons. And you know what? All treat me as partner, an equal.”
“That what they want you to believe. But in reality they look down on you. Doesn't matter though. Our forces are coming to that carnival to kill those beasts. Shame Warren is gone, but we do have a replacement. I was here just to stall y
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 1 2
Only two words

Part 160 of Drachenwelt Chronicles
Drake quickly opened fire in direction of the enemy dragons.
“You're outnumbered, you know that?” He asked.
“Shut up, you white fly and let me finally swat yourself.” Was the only reply he received.
Then enemy dragon's brain blew up and flew through the eye socket right on the white dragon.
“You're welcome!” John said. “He was about to breathe fire on you and I was not sure you could take that.”
“Thanks, I guess.”
“Hey, morons! When it'll get to you that you're outnumbered? We've already arrested four of your friends, thanks to John.” Andrews yelled from the ground.
“Outnumbered? Maybe slightly, there are only six dragon traitors here, we can take that much. Humans like you and those flies right here...” The dark blue dragon from The Order pointed at Drake and Daniel “...can be dealt with easily.” The
:icondarkhogdarkhogini:DarkhogDarkhogini 1 6


Smirk by JackyTheMoo Smirk :iconjackythemoo:JackyTheMoo 22 48
Ivory Scales
Ivory Scales
Hundreds of people were walking by on the streets. Some were last minute buyers, others just lurkers in the night, and others going home for Christmas. Rain was falling down on their heads, but they didn’t seem to mind, overtaken with the joy of the holiday season. Everything seemed right. The perfect Christmas, like all the ones before it. Everything was in tune, and everyone was happy
Except for James. James had only one thing on his Christmas list; had only one wish for the holidays. One hope that he had had for every Christmas. But James never got what he wanted. He got what he asked for, but never what he wanted. And he knew that he would never get his wish. Looking up to the crying skies he sighed.
"Rain…like every year. Is there any chance it will ever snow here?" James pondered to himself. But he new the answer. He lived in Arizona, on of the hottest states in all of America. People were in shorts and T-shirts while walking in the streets. He wished it wo
:iconblackminorscales:blackminorscales 58 72
Happy New Years to all!!! 2015
Happy New Year to everyone its a brand new year and its full of surprises, I can't wait to get started, Im glad to spend it all with all of you my friends and faithful watchers. Thank you so much for a great year and look forward to a whole new one
:iconjazz316:jazz316 1 0
The Night Fire
The shadows cloaked Sarya as she vaulted from stall to stall, desperately seeking sustenance to fill her malnourished belly. Patrons ignored her, merchants scolded and chased her away like a common street rat. Those willing to shed a single, unsympathetic glance in her general direction withheld all goodwill from their intent. None save for the shadows cascading from the darkening sky offered solace from the harshness of the cruel city.  
When the blanket of night fell on the city, Sarya retreated to the darkest recesses that she warmly called home. Those richer then her unknowingly bequeathed their back alleys to the penurious thief. She accepted the gift gladly and established her forefront against the depredations of the powerful. The guards, attentively patrolling the cobblestone streets, paid her no greater heed then one would a beggar. 
But even on that cold night, Sarya was visited by three men. Their cloaks hung heavily on their bodies, and gleaming longblad
:iconthwackcrackers:thwackcrackers 20 30
In the dark 2
In the dark 2
The council room seemed to be larger, than the last time I was in here. Though it made kind of sense with Jason and Fonaar missing, who had taken in most of the room aside from the brass full dragon. The three half dragon of the council were still debating with Miranda as the guards had opened the door and allowed me to caught the last words of the exchange.
"He is to good to be grounded!" Miranda growled at them.
"And still not capable to hold his anger about minor things." The white half dragon answered, "I will not tolerate a dragon in any position who can't hold his or her anger. Lets not talk about the large amount of books we have to restore out of the same reason. There is no further reason to speak about this. Our decision stands! Dismissed."
Miranda sighed in frustration, while turning around and noticed me. Her expression contained both pity and rage as see looked at me and only stopped for a moment as she walked past me.
"I managed to spare you from the trainin
:iconrobinton:Robinton 10 28
Spring: Spring it is the beginning of a new year new life and hop for those who seek it.
But for me it is just only spring a part of the year to come and go,
I don't like spring it is wet cold and boring time of the year at least in the beginning it is but in the end of spring is starts to come to life.
Summer: Summer is the highlight of the year when everybody is on there pikes of work and joy with family and friends.
For me it's the time of the year when I can relax and enjoy time with friends and family and earn some money and enjoy the beauty of the nature.
Autumn: Autumn is the time of colour of the year and the time when people start to slowdown and think.
For me is autumn the time of the beginning of the end of the year when it starts to get cold and wet but it is also a time of beauty of natures transformation and preparation before the cold winter.
Winter: Winter is the cold rush of the year but also joy and relaxing of a long hard year of work.
For me is the cold beau
:icone2s86:e2s86 2 8
Lullaby Of The Woods
Benjamin tore into the deer corpse before him, like so many times before. Ripping out large chunks, devouring them. He hated himself for doing it. Hated the deer for allowing him to catch it. Hated the world, for what it had done to him. He hated that he actually, in a way, enjoyed it.
Ramming his claws into the carcass, he snarled in frustration. How long had he been cut off? For how long had he actually been...this? The timespan was too much for him to fathom right now. Suddenly revolted by the thought of eating any more of the deer, he grabbed the neck of it and threw it as far away as he could. He bolted away, not wanting to see any more of the bloody scene. Half flying, half running towards the nearby stream, he tried to hold back his enraged tears.
He collapsed in the gravel on the beach and dipped his front paws into the water, feeling a sudden need to cleanse himself.
Why? Why am I ssso sssuddenly repulsssed by what I have been doing for...what, how many yearsss? Decadesss,
:iconjargonthered:JargonTheRed 22 64
Dragon's Love
Why didn't I kill it?  I'll admit, you're right: it was an easy kill.  Scrawny, hardly any muscle, no weapons to speak of, and too cowardly to kill me.  I could have snapped its neck like a twig.  Almost did, too.  But I didn't.
I should have.  It tore off my tail fin, which hurt quite a bit I should mention.  I could hardly fly.  Even as I tried to escape that cove, I knew I'd never fly again; you know how it is.  Our wings are everything.  Hello, wolves?  Panthers?  Vikings?  Other dragons?  Dead Night Fury walking!  Free meal, come and get it!
Then it came back.  No, not that!  The Viking boy!  It wouldn't leave me the hell alone.  It started feeding me and it fixed my tail.  It kept me alive.  Which was very strange.  This was a new method I'd never heard of:
:iconiamangel624:IamAngel624 242 79
Dragon at Heart
There is no place
     that I can go.
There is no road
     for me to travel.
I blaze my path
     from nothingness.
I am a dragon at heart.
My future lies
     ahead of me.
My past, so heavy
     I cannot fly.
The friends I have
     help bear the weight.
I am a dragon at heart.
Fear does not elude me
     whenever trouble strikes.
Despite my desperation,
     I stand brave and proud.
I am a dragon at heart.
:icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 333 62
NaNo novel: Displaced chapter 1
Chapter 1: spirited away
As usual, I made my way to the library, toting a large bag full of work to boot. I was counting down to the big national examinations, which were but a week away. Left before my first paper, and I was nowhere as prepared as I would have liked to be…
I strolled into the library, the blast of cool air from the escaping air conditioning providing a refreshing respite from the hot muggy air of the outside. I made my way to the second floor where the study tables were. However, I was somewhat disappointed to find most of the tables already taken. I spent some time walking around, looking for a seat.
Eventually, I settled for a seat in a reasonably lit corner, and took out my materials and began to study. I was presently focusing on math, because mildly put, I had done horrendously in that subject in the preliminary examinations and was hoping to salvage the situation. But then again, that was more or less the case for all my subjects… I was t
:icontanorath-drgn:Tanorath-drgn 20 13


Or rather re-writing an old one that I did a long time ago, in Polish but which haven't garnered much of attention. Long story. Anyway, this has nothing to do with Drachenwelt or other stories made by me on dA, but should be an interesting read. I'd probably publish it via Smashwords and it will be cheap (less than $4). What do you think? Should I do that? Because the craptop I'm currently using isn't suited for proper gamedev (it has celeron and intel "hd" graphics, lol) and writing is the only other thing I have any modicum of skill at. Please share your comments. Will keep you posted when it comes out.



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