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My Bio

ME: Runnhurd

What I do: I draw, I make models, I livestream on youtube

Age: 39

gender: male

Region: UK

Likes: Drawing, games, Sonic and all, Yugioh and the card game, Transformers, anime's, manga's, and making friends. and helping out others best I can.

Art Styles: Mainly Sonic Style, yet I can draw others to.

Art Requests: "Close"

Art Trades: "Close"

Commissions: "Open" (Commission Limit non so far)

art also on these pages mostly adult as well





Livestreaming on Youtube




Current Residence: Earth/Mobius

Print preference: MS Paint/ Paint Shop Pro

Favourite genre of music: hard to say

Favourite style of art: SONIC STYLE

Operating System: Vista >.> and it works

MP3 player of choice: many

Favourite cartoon character: lots I like XP

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
don't mind XD
Favourite Games
LOTS XD no real fav
Favourite Gaming Platform
Speed fighting and RPG
thought I just do this small list so here what I am hoping to do in the not so far future Comics: Continue "Runnic the hybrid retell comic" continue Sky the hybrid AI comic do Chapter 9 of my pokemon comic do a comic of Celene the bat do a comic of Toren's heather summon by Eva and other comic ideas Models: make Landra Echidna Make Scream the anti/Darkhero Whisper Make Rosie Anti/Darkhero Amy update Sora Dazzel and make her ship restart Runnic's home update the Cyrogue model set and a lot more models ^^; do a multy player friends on "7DaystoDie" where we work together to rebuild a town and have one house each or people live in a house together and work together. Start my own Youtube VRchat show of Runnic Find a lot of people who can Rig and have them help to get my models in VRchat.
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alright so I have been getting a lot of people wanting me to make their char models of late, I got liek 4 or more in waiting but I am mainly only doing their commissions on wednesday for my livestream. so I need to make a list to remember who wanting but also I thought I might do one more, if people like to wait some weeks or get it right away, but the right away part they have to pay some extra, cause it basic gonna be using my free time to work on them ^^; so firstly let get who was it wanted the rules of my modeling Sonic char models, the price is £35 GBP, that for Model, UVmapping and basic texture I am thinking to make me give up my free time to work on it right away be a added £25 GBP, cause I don't have a lot of free time, so yea ^^; sorry if it pricey but if you can wait some weeks then that fine ok. now then to all who wanted a model please say your name link images to your char you wanted. someone is waiting for this week for my livestream, but still this is for future
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so I need to make sure I know what I am doing and got to do these are in my Free time 1: a update to a old model and it almost finish turning out awesome. done 2: Dash the Rat model sonic gen version [do plan a other one but this first] done 3: Sin the black blood vampire 4: Nicole AI lynx updates 5: God of D tails for TL29 Done 6: Scourge hedgehog model updates Done Worlds for VRchat hoping to get working on. 1: Runnic's home Done [need help to adjust it for VRchat] 2: Starline's sigma base 3: Whisper's home base 4: maybe the Eggman storage base that got blown up [mirror be it not and blown up] 5: avatar world in VRchat
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Oh hello here!

Sorry to barge here like that, but if you've got a minute, I'd love to ask a few questions.

You see, like you, I'm a Sonic blender model-maker ( through our style are different). Recently, somone asked me help on rigging one of your model ( Timber the wolf, the issue was the cloak) , and sent it to me to observe why it wasn't working.

After some observation, I'm now a bit curious to the shape of the mesh you used for the cloak. It's a bit nonmanifold, folding on itself ( hence why automatic rigging failed), so I was wondering why.

So, out of curiosity, and as a fellow model-maker, I'd like to understand the advantges of that method. Is there a special technique I'm missing here?

well it looks good, that way, but there is a cape that made to be like the batman games cape a fin layer that copy and flip polygons

But how do you cope with the bone weight heat failure?

The mesh loops folding in itself like an infinity symbol ( especially in the back part) is bound to freak blender out, risking the inner out poking the the outer part.How do you solve that?

I do not know cause I cannot rig so I don't know ^^;

Hey it's been awhile seen we last spoken sorry for that, I've been designing something I hope you like it

Ulitmate wispon

your own version of teh Wispon? that Whisper use

Yes but it's drifferent style of the orignal one. And the drill mode I brought it up because if I was trapped in a cave I use that mode get out of there.