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Internet Battle Game WIP #3

Internet Battle Game WIP #2

Internet Battle Game WIP #1

Gentle Stream Bio [WIP!!!]

One Absolutely INFURIATING Desktop Secreenshot

SBLK - new map editor [WIP!!!]

[WIP] - Megamew Vector Trace (authorized)




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Gentle Stream Bio [WIP!!!]

One Absolutely INFURIATING Desktop Secreenshot

SBLK - new map editor [WIP!!!]

[WIP] - Megamew Vector Trace (authorized)


[coneceptual] - a custom SBLK level

[concepts] Quality Cat Games - Mascot and Slogan

[CONCEPTUAL/WIP] - CAC Redux - CT* Baseplates

148 - Clownfish and Blue Tang


Way back home

troll toll

It's looks like a fairytale,,,,,?


Trish Una - Pink

C ambyarts

Tokyo Mew Mew

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My Bio

Hi, I'm Brian, aka many aliases that we'll just pretend don't exist anymore because i made them up when i was a dumb tween...lol

I was born on May 19, 1996.

I currently spend a lot of time playing games or reverse-engineering their file formats. I am slowly putting together a game engine/library for my own use. I also enjoy online role play and sharing memes. I have recently got into watching reddit readings, and they're my new 3AM youtube addiction. [/:] I am hoping to get back into art, but it's been difficult after high school finally broken me of it. I am just now getting back into reading. despite currently letting them sit, I am still quite interested in LEGO, and occasionally get net sets/parts. Honestly, there's a lot i could potentially talk-about, so you're welcome to ask specific questions.


food: almost anything

animal: cats, bunnies, ocean creatures

music: umm...too many to list here. a few are rock, pop, country, parodies, classical, etc... [with FEW exceptions: I DO NOT LIKE RAP!!!]

soda: root beer, cream soda, 'suicides'

ice cream: umm... special flavors, mainly...but also chocolate, vanilla, swirl, Neapolitan

colors: blue, purple, orange, lime/neon green, pink (though i don't much show this one...) , red

my hero(s) : any truly decent human being

residence: USA

hobbies: singing, reading, drawing, programming, rp'ing, minecraft, gaming

personality: shy, generous, kind [except when mad], sensitive [sometimes too much]

other profiles i can't fit under 'social media':

wikifoundry [lurking]: www.marsmissionwiki.wikifoundr…

kongregate [semi-active]: www.kongregate.com/accounts/Al…

pmc [not YET abandoned]: www.planetminecraft.com/member…

questions, comments, concerns?

send me a note or leave a comment below!

rudeness and drama will not be tolerated!

only putting this here because drama has been an issue in some places and i'd much rather just put those things behind me. i beat myself up enough without people deliberately bringing-up the past to cause problems.

Favourite Visual Artist
couldn't possibly decide
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Black Clover, Demon Slayer, JoJo:Golden Wind, Curse of Oak Island, Paranoia Agent [yep, mostly anime]
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
too many to list...
Favourite Books
lots of them
Favourite Writers
Erin Hunter, Rick Riordan
Favourite Games
Minecraft, Dofus, EBF5, and now Roblox
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
varies, but some common ones : Paint Dot Net, Flash Develop, HxD, Sublime Text, Pale Moon Web Browser
Other Interests
programming/hacking[strictly game data/assets. i don't make hack clients, i don't steal passwords],LEGO

I SHOULD sleep, but...

I SHOULD sleep, but...

Stressed about, well, EVERYTHING... So, As of last year, my dad has developed some new issues with his heart and they have recently re-surfaced.... [in addition to going untreated for probably a couple/few weeks...] Well, he gets to have some more done for that today, and I'm not exactly comfortable with it... The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wonderful experience... So far, none of my family have gotten it, as far as we're aware, but I'm also in US where some portion of the population and government don't take this all too seriously, including testing... Also been getting especially frustrated with my mom because she has made more than a fe

what i shall do about eclipse

what i shall do about eclipse

basically nothing, i am staying, though i wonder if this will be the final straw that breaks the camel's back... WIX clearly has zero interest in listening to the community, and this does not surprise me. corporations typically only listen when threats of legal action and monetary penalties are on the table... that said, DA could be setting up to become financially unsustainable with the inevitable mass exodus of even more users, but guess we'll see... but the fact of the matter is unlike youtube, and especially if they insist on becoming so polar opposite to what this site is about, deviantart has viable alternatives. none are quite the same

priorities and how i quit giving a damn about them

priorities and how i quit giving a damn about them

More than once, I've been told my priorities aren't straight, that I'm lazy, selfish, so on... The way I see it, mine are quite straight... But like most things about me, they lie contrary to what society expects of me... 13 years ago, I moved with my family from California. my best friend [and my crush] actually bothered writing to me. all the time i ever tried to get my reply written, "school is more important" , even when i had free time... i eventually lost her postcard, and forgot about her. well, mostly... had a break-down in middle school looking through all my old school stuff. was able to get back in contact, but i failed to main

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