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Death Starts Again :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 0
Work In Progress 1
"No Titles"
"Who was that woman?" I couldn't help but ask. She was so gorgeous that my eyes never left her form. She was shapely of body and whip sharp of mind, my brain just couldn't wrap around the thought of her. Sometimes I wondered if she was as real as I thought she was, but if I was dreaming... If I was dreaming, I never wanted to wake. How could I? That voice was like a smooth red wine, aged just right. Her eyeliner was sharp enough to kill, and she made my head spin every time our paths crossed. But I wasn't in love. It was entirely too early to be able to tell that. What did  a twenty something know about love anyway?  And besides, she had someone. As far as I could tell, she was the perfect woman.
Did I deserve perfection? Who was I to think that I had a fleeting chance with her? With my luck, she didn't even know I was alive. The man at the book counter shrugged as he bagged my purchases. "Can't tell you much. I know her name's Sasha, though. Very nice girl. Comes
:icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 0
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Stream of Consciousness 1 :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 0
Painting 5-13-15 by DarkGoddessK Painting 5-13-15 :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 1 3 Painting 5-10-15 by DarkGoddessK Painting 5-10-15 :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 1 0
Mature content
Black Kettle :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 0
Some Kinds of Feeling
    Her new tattoo started to itch again. She applied the salve to it and sighed. Pushing her short-ish hair behind her ears, the only other thing on her mind was getting something in her now complaining stomach. Slipping on her slides, she shuffled to the door. When she took her home sewn coat from the hook behind it, she felt the dead weight of her keyring in the right pocket. Locking up, she began to traipse outside where the slight chill made her arms raise with goose pimples. Regardless of her covering, she had to say she was unavoidably in need of warmth. She told herself that would be the reason she filled her flask when she returned home later on.
    Crossing the street, the clearest object in her field of vision was the gaudy neon sign for the TexMex Chinese place she frequented.That night, however, she wasn't in the mood for burrito eggrolls. Besides that, it felt like a good night to wander around. When her wanderlust started to make her itch like this,
:icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 2
Flower 1 by DarkGoddessK Flower 1 :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 0 Life is... by DarkGoddessK Life is... :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 0 Abstract 1 by DarkGoddessK Abstract 1 :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 0
The Bronze Lady
The inventor was lonely. Usually she felt a healthy sense of care and wonder around her cogs and gears, but for some reason, lately, they weren't enough for her. She had to come up with something wonderful. She felt an intense need to make something that would be looked upon with adoration and praise. Or perhaps, she simply needed to kill her loneliness. So, try she did. Her first attempt was somewhat off. The gears didn't turn quite right and the strings kept popping. The piece kept falling apart before it took its first steps. She had to find something better. Lock and pin hinges made the next attempt better, but far from perfect. Any jarring in the steps of the piece and yet again, it would fall apart.
Her third and fourth attempts blew up in her face. Literally. She would not stop trying until something went right with the piece she was fashioning. And then, after a few more failed attempts and singed eyebrows, she finally got a finished product that had very few flaws. She cleaned
:icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 3 0
The Month of The Coffee by DarkGoddessK The Month of The Coffee :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 1 Hana-chan by DarkGoddessK Hana-chan :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 1 6 Sketch Dump #2 by DarkGoddessK Sketch Dump #2 :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 0 Untitled by DarkGoddessK Untitled :icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 0
    I don't generally like loud places.It's been that way since I was born. My mom said I'd even hush the cat when she'd cry, because I just had to have my peace. As I grew older, I started to loosen up a little. Let's just say that I wasn't rushing to heavy metal concerts. When I got to be old enough to do anything legally, I started to bar wander. It's like bar hopping without the hangover, because I don't drink. I'd pick a place that I liked the music flowing out of and I'd sit in for a few hours until the noise rose above the music. Then I'd leave. And so on, and so forth. I'd go back to my apartment and take a bath, relaxing as I'd listen closely to the sound of popping bubbles and running water. At work, I'd daydream about what it would be like if I was just like everybody else, and I have to tell you something. If the truth is anything like those daydreams, I'm proud to be different.
    Thankfully, my parents loved me enough to allow me a pass on major holid
:icondarkgoddessk:DarkGoddessK 0 0


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I am so sorry I've been gone so long. My writing has gotten sparse unless it's roleplay connected. I promise I'm not gone completely... I just need time to get my mojo back. Stick with me folks, I'll be creative again at some point. :blackrose:

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The man’s hands slipped through his sparse hair as he exhaled. What would he do now? He had already killed his ideal man. What was his next course of action? The young stud’s taut body lay on the slab, bruised and broken. He ran a gloved finger down the young man’s still chest, trailing the blood down his six pack. He was getting excited again. Soon, he would need to kill again to sate this lust. He simply had no idea where he could find a more perfect specimen. Perhaps he could troll the clubs again, but what fun would that be? Whores. All of them. Those types of men weren’t worth the skin they were born into. He supposed he should just give up killing… But then how would he find his joy? How could he ever smile again? Blood made his insides squirm happily. Blood made him quiver with anticipation… He had to find another specimen. There had to be another perfect man in the world. There just had to be…
His knees were weak. His hands were shaking. This was it. The second time in six months that perfection had crossed his path. The man was an Adonis with black hair and dainty hands. This was his second masterpiece. It would be a shame if someone were to find out his plans. This one would be just glorious on his slab. Just another few dates and this man would join his other specimens in their new forever home under his roses…

The drugs weren’t strong enough. Adonis woke after just three hours. It needed to be stronger. This regular dose just wouldn’t do anymore. These bulls were getting stronger and stronger. One more date then. If it took more than one, he would have to change the game. Perhaps a different type of poison? Perhaps just stabbing him right out? No. Then he could struggle, and the blood wouldn’t make as pretty a pattern if he did that. He was an artist, goddamn it. Art demanded ritual. Ritual demanded patience. Stabbing required neither. Stabbing was brutal and stupid. Easy to blunder. Easy to screw up. The last thing he needed to do was screw up. He needed the poison, then he could play all he liked. He could even lick the knife like he did the last time. No one would be around to cry or scream or tell him he was disgusting like that first botched Adonis had. Thank God, he had decided to soundproof the walls before his art began, years and years ago. That was enough of a mess…

Six dates and the Adonis had not been back to his place for longer than it took for a goodnight kiss. Perhaps this one was not perfection. Perhaps he was just short… He would wait out one more date and then he would see. He would take more time. That was the best way. If the Adonis didn’t stay down this time, it would be time to wipe the slate clean and start over. Completely start from scratch. God only knew how long it would take to find a new perfect one.

Oh. Oh God. God save him. It was time to move again… The poison was too strong. The Adonis fell while he was in the restroom at the restaurant… He slipped out of the bathroom window and ran home while the sirens were blaring… Damn! This was not ritual. This was madness. This was messy. This was bullshit. Time to start over then…New town. New name. New game. New poison. New everything.
Death Starts Again
A serial killer finds inspirations...
Or: The Man Who Fell To Earth Finished His Visit and Has Returned To His Home Planet.

Rest easy, Ziggy Stardust.

  • Listening to: When I Live My Dream - David Bowie
  • Reading: Brave New World
  • Watching: Labyrinth, for sure.
  • Playing: Diablo III
  • Eating: Roast
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K. Hebert
United States
I'm 33 and my brain and soul are older than that. Wanna know anything you don't already? Ask. I'm friendly enough to answer ^^

Current Residence: Lafayette, La
Favourite genre of music: Pirate songs and sea shanties. Yarr.
Favourite photographer: Peskaa, that sweetheart. ^_^
Favourite style of art: I like digital, anime, and other hand drawn types.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: I have RealPlayer and though it can be bitchy, I love it.
Shell of choice: Shells? I like puka shells the bestest. They're pretty.
Wallpaper of choice: My favorite is a little Grim Reaper pointing up at your icons saying "Get rid of that junk."
Skin of choice: My own. No matter how much I mar it.
Favourite cartoon character: Gir, Gaz, All my bishies...Lupin III, Spike Spiegel...guys like that.And FOAMY!!!!
Personal Quote: "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell..." - Matchbox 20


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