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Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year 2014
Maybe, some other time.
It's been loooooooooooooooooooooooooong snce my last submission (no journal).
And decided to do simple writing. I'm better at that I will take some to translate any chapter done in Spanish (original text).
Um...nothing else to say.

UPDATE: Every story has been cancelled.

update 2: Should I even care to write this?
Okay then. If somebody reads this, then I guess it happened. No, I'm not leaving dA, but I'm giving up on everything that I liked to do here.  I won't come back to the chatrooms or draw anything else. The only thing I will do is writing, and I'll barely translate the things.

What I mean, is that "A New Life" and the other project may keep appearing but even in a lower frequency.

And no, I don't plan to stop writing those series, but I won't show too much interest in doing it.

Anyway, if you read this, then you should wait until I get back to what I used to do.
I took this from :iconmrlecarde:

There are some people who are kinda fake () here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get (Not my friends). So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends." (I am curious to see who's paying attention to me though so please post this too if you get a chance.)
Ps: Doubt this is any of my close friends and I was just told to post this
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What do I do? Some friends have told me that I'm really good at writing, but others are telling me to practice drawing.
What should I do? Writing or drawing?
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Hello! This is a question for vore lovers!

Which kind of pred do you like? As in specie (i.e. Dragons, snakes, etc)

If you want to answer, leave a comment responding the question.

Thanks for your time. ^^
Hello everybody out there!!. I'm here to talk about a new project I had recently. I want to talk about the Star Catcher Project.

How did I get this? 3 years ago, I had a dream where pokemon were real and, along with humans they formed teams to save the city.(No, this is not like Mystery Dungeon.) Anyway, since I was a tad younger, I just could imagine that. But, with the pass of time, I began to work on that dream, allowing more cities around, with animals, dragons and more stuff. Also, I gave this a story.(Look at the title).

Finally, I needed to explain it. The Star Catchers are elite teams that maintain the world under balance. Unlike other teams, they carry most of the responsibility, since they are around the world, protecting those "gems" from being stolen/destroyed. There are 7 of these stars, and they represent one of 7 elements on the planet. (Water, Earth, Fire,Wind, Electricity, Light and Darkness.)

Now, and obviously, there is a bad guy who wants to take control over all the things. This is when the bad guy, Vannady, appears. He is a magician. Time ago from the main line of the story, he used to help teams in their adventures, but, his heart began to get corrupted. In one of his travels, he found the Stone of Devil, a stone capable to corrupt even the most purest heart. When he touched that stone, he began to act more evily. He never helped the teams and became selfish. He never shared anything. One day, the village where he lived, kicked him out. Now, from that time to now(150 years), he became stronger and now, he wishes to defeat and take over the world

All the other details will be mentioned in the actual story(No spoilers here XD)

For the last one, I still need some characters. If anybody wants to appear, leave a comment here with a small description of your character.

That's all for now. Later!
I just noticed I reached the 2500 views :dummy:
Thanks for the support, I'll try to keep going with good pics :iconchuuplz:
Hi again. Do I have a real motivation to wirte a new journal....YES!
I'm changing everything and the first change will be mind.

For now, to anyone who is reading my "A new life" story, I changed the protagonist name to my REAL name. And I mean it.
I will continue following that.

So, if somebody reads the prologue again, you'll notice that change.

Without anything else to say, I greet you all.
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Comment and ill...
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you an Element I think you belong to. e.g. water, fire, earth, air, etc.
4. Tell you what comic, manga/anime,Movie  or video game character you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6. Tell you something I like about you.
7. Tell you the object that is to the left of me.
8. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of.
9. Tell you to put this on your journal.

Took this from :icondannyman12:
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I opened a youtube account two days ago and uploaded my first video! X3

The name is the same I use here (Darkgatomon12)........yeah, I'm very original XD

Anyway, the link to the video:…

Do you have an idea for a new video? Any suggestion?
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¡A quienes lean esto, les deseo una feliz navidad y un gran inicio de año aquí desde México! Espero que se diviertan y se la pasen muy bien con sus familias y amigos. Sin nada más que decir, ¡felices fiestas!!


To anyone who read this, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year here from Mexico! I hope you have fun and a good time with your family and friends. With anything else to say, happy holidays!
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Opened request for anything, either writing or drawing, you can ask for point commission.

For commissions, the price will be deal between the two parts, depending on the final product.

Status of the stories:

Another Life (translating 2nd chapter)
Tales of a... (1/?)
A Christmas gift (Coming soon!)
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I'm thinking on doing a new story. Since holidays are coming to us (1 month left) maybe I could try to write a story, being Christmas and New Year the themes of them.

If anybody wants to take apart in this writing, leave a comment with a little chart about you.

I'll start in 5 days, so you have time. I need at least 6 persons.

For Another is a bit paralyzed, but gonna continue it( kind of)
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+ You must post these rules.
+ Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
+ You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
+ Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
+ No tag backs.
+ No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag 10 people!

Tagged by :iconaddilovely:

The questions:

1) Do you watch Toonami?
I used to watch it like.....5 YEARS AGO

2)If so, what's your favorite anime? If not, what's your favorite anime/manga series?

3) If Sebastian (from Black Butler) appeared in front of you suddenly and promised to be your butler, what would you do?
Um...don't kill me meanwhile I sleep.

4) What's your favorite Fighting-type Pokemon? (If, by some chance, you didn't grow up with Pokemon: what kids' show did you grow up with and who is your favorite character from that show?)
Lucario :'D

5) What would you do if you were a 13-14 year old boy/girl and you fell into a well, transporting you to Feudal-age Japan infested with demons(daemons)?

6) How long have you been watching anime? What was your first anime? (If you have gone to any anime/video game convention: What was your first convention and who/what did you go as?)
At least some 3 years. My first anime was Zatchbell. For conventions...AnimeCon, but not used a costume :P

7) What inspired you to join devianArt? Was there any particular story/artwork/artist that inspired you to join?
Nope, it's the fact that you can show your artwork to other people

8) Are you excited for the Wii U?
I had enough with the 3DS

9) Read this: [link] What do you think? (If you have read Homestuck, who is your favorite troll/child?)
I don't read Homestuck :P

10) What would you do if you suddenly gained possession of a Philosopher's Stone? (in reference to Full Metal Alchemist and FMA: Brotherhood, not Harry Potter.)
I'm the best? XD

My questions:

1.- What's your favorite cartoon show/anime/video game?

2.- What would you do if you saw a dragon behind you?

3.- If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? (no the "more wishes" things)

4.- What would you do if I gave you a hug and cake? X3

5.- Do you like pokemon? (if so, what's your favorite one?)

6.- If you could have one power up from any game, which one would you pick?

7.- Name your favorite thing in all the world

8.- Do you want to go somewhere outside your country?

9.- Which is your favorite ice cream flavor?

10.- Why did you join deviantArt?


1.- :icongumi606:
2.- :iconbolddragon100:
3.- :iconwriter72:
4.- :iconicedvore:
5.- :iconmathkid2010:
6.- :icondontlookatit8:
7.- :iconprojectblossem:
8.- :iconmooseinboots:
9.- :icondigimon64:
10.- :iconinvadermistheart:
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Hello, this is Dark. This is a very special ocassion: be purple!

This purple supports any kind of people (gays, lesbians, etc) and is opposed to the bullying.

So, be purple, and say no to the bullying. This is for all the lives taken from inocent people due to the bullying.

That's all for now. See you later!
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I connect my Wii to Internet (because I was too lazy to do that XD) and after playing with my friends, I'll host some matches online tomorrow :dummy:

If you wanna battle or something, here's my friend code: 0047-0606-7717

Tell me via comment or note and I'll be pleased to fight you
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I'm having a nervous crisis. I couldn't handle some thins and everything went wrong.

If you're reading this, then probably I won't be in at least 2 days, because I need to reorder my mind. It's pretty bad having these emotional problems, even more when you remembered things that happened on your past....

You can ask why I don't mind at all. Most of this is due to the stress

Anyway that's all for now. See you
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Hello everyone, this time, with cyberbullying at its maximun point, everybody should be careful about that.

Don't let them control you, like what happened to me. Talk with someone about this to solve the problem. Take solutions by your own could generate more violence.Any adult may help you.

Hey! don't believe that I forgot troll in here.!

Report him/her, and stay away from the problem. Avoid any harm for an unneeded argue.

That's all. Take care ^^
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