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Stripper Problem 3 ((Vore)) :icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 4 0
Mature content
Stripper Problem 2 :icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 0 0
Mature content
Stripper Problems 1 :icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 0 0
Forest Encounter (Warning: Vore!)
Every now and then, I decide to go to a quiet forest to pass the day. I usually like to go alone so I have enough time to relax and be calm for the work of the next day.
The forest is near the city, possibly around one or two miles to the east, when the area for agriculture finishes. In Spring, the trees of the forest recover their leaves. You can see a patch of green when you fly above it.
This area tends to be lonely and I'm the only one who knows how to go inside and back outside of it without being lost.
Today, I made the choice to bring Valeria, my sweet Vulpix girlfriend, to pass the day here with me. Perhaps the calm air of the trees can help her feel more relaxed.
"Honey, I know you want to do this, but I've got to stuff to do." she said. It was around 3 o' clock when we were arriving. "Come on, you've got two more days to do that. You should take a break." I replied with a cheerful voice. She nodded. "As long as you don't leave me alone, I'll be fine." the girl giggled.
We wen
:icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 4 0
OPAD Ch. 1a
The people from the Realm of the Plains are known for being mostly friendly against strangers and relaxed as well, they also dislike to argue or fight iver superficial things and their most common activity is comercy with the other realms.
In the Royal Family, there is a lone princess, daugther of the same king who rules over the land. Her name is Valery and unlike other princesses that came before her, she never liked to wear the princess outfit she is forced to almost everyday but she got used to it after several weeks of using it. Her parents, the King and Queen were searching for a good husband for her but the princess would hesitate about that decision, as she was just 17 years old and disliked the idea to marry this young.
As her parents sought that someone, she stayed in her bedroom to think about the situation. Valery was in there with her grandfather because she loved the stories he told her. "Now did I tell you the story about the furred dragon?" he asked "No, but I'd like to
:icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 0 0
Of Princesses and Dragons Prologue
Long time ago, there was a long extension of land that was green and many animals lived there. This land was divided in three great realms: the Shore real to the south, the Desert to the north and in the center of this land, the Plains realm existed. Each one of the realms had its own Kind and Queen. They all lived in piece.
However, there are some people that disturb the peace and attempt to escape to another realm. The ambassors of the realms took care of this kind of problems if they became too big, to avoid any unnecessary war between realms. This has not happened yet, everybody knows how destructive that war could be. Most of the laws and rules are set from the Plains realm due to it being the biggest.
In this realm, a lot of merchants, guards and people from other lands gathered around the Castle Town. There are many other villages that have business with agriculture and others with animals. Here, as the king says: Everybody works for everybody. The castle of this kingdom
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TSCP Archives 1: Diego's Profile V1.0
Name: Diego
Gender: Male
Age:   16
Species: Shinx
Height (centimeters): 64cms.
Weight (kilograms):   12Kgs.
     Shapeshift: Using the body strenght, changes into any non-legendary                             pokemon, changing types and ablities completely.
Born as a natural pokemon, during his first ages, Diego was taken from his family at the Pokemon Reign by the human race to make experiments involving the use of genetic data from other living beings. He is the first pokemon to be used in order to mix human and pokemon DNA to create a new super human/pokemon race for military purposes. As result of this experiment, Diego's body was modified by the genetic mutation giving him some human traits to the pokemon body, what the doctors call a "semi-anthro"
By the age of 13,  he was returne
:icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 1 1
Mature content
X :icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 1 6
Vulpix by Darkgatomon12 Vulpix :icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 6 7 Snivy by Darkgatomon12 Snivy :icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 0 6
Victoria a quienes perseveran
'Victoria a quienes perseveran'
Iniciar una obra es relativamente facil; basta con avivar un poco la llama del entusiasmo. Perseverar en ella hasta el final, es cosa distinta; eso ya es algo que requiere continuado y persistente esfuerzo. Comenzar esta al alcance de lo más; continuar es lo que distingue a los hombres de caracter. Por eso la medula de toda obra grande, desde el puntoi de vista de su realizacion practica, es la perseverancia, virtud que consiste en llevar las cosas hasta el final. Es preciso pues, ser perseverante; formnarse un caracter no solo intrepido, sino persistente, paciente, inquebrantable. Sólo eso es un caractér. El verdadero caractér no reconoce más que un límite: la victoria: y sufre con valor, con serenidad, y sin desilusión, la más grande de las pruebas: la derrota. La lucha tonifica el espíritu; pero cuando falta caractér, la derrota lo deprime y desalienta. Hemos nacido para luchar. La más grandes victorias corresponden siempre a q
:icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 0 0
Calaveritas 2
Calaveritas 2
1.- Johnatan leia su libro de ciencias, la muerte llego y lo llevo a cavar tumbas
2.- Oscar revisaba sus maletas, la huesuda le salto y lo puso a dormir
3.- Dimitri concluyo su tabla, y negociando con la parca, lo llevo  su caja
4.- Marcos bebia vino a la luz de la luna, la muerte vino y le dijo "Vamonos de parranda"
5.- Maria festejaba su cumpleaños el Dia de Muertos, y cantandole las mañanitas, la huesuda la puso en la fosa
:icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 0 0
Calaveritas 1
Calaveritas para Día de Muertos
1.- Evelyn sentaba estaba comiendo una tune, vino la huesuda y se la llevp a la laguna.
2.- Alex bailaba rumba, llega la muerte y se la lleva a le tumba.
3.- La parca sentaba veia televison, Mario brinco y le dio un suston
4.- Rachel dormia por un momento, vino su amiga la muerte y le dio pan de muerto.
:icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 0 5
Espeon by Darkgatomon12 Espeon :icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 6 2 Spirit Jolteon by Darkgatomon12 Spirit Jolteon :icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 3 7 My Vaporeon form by Darkgatomon12 My Vaporeon form :icondarkgatomon12:Darkgatomon12 4 2


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[OLD] I just wanted an Ampharos...
So I wanted to get a second Ampharos to breed with my current one, named Duncan. I searched all through the GTS, and found only one. I traded it for a little Mareep that I recently bred. I knew it was suspicious when I saw her name...
DRAINED. Her name was DRAINED. So here's how the story went after I got her...
DRAINED was strangely underleveled. She was only level 10, compared to level 100 for Duncan. I knew I would have to get out my AR for the level 100 cheat, to get it done quickly. So I went to my menu and saved, then shut it off. I switched Soulsilver with Action Replay, and clicked it on. I switched AR with Soulsilver when it was on the AR menu, and selected the cheat. Later, I had her at level 100 quickly. Or... so I thought. I nearly dropped my DS when I saw her level. It was at 666. So she was hacked for her max level to be that.
Great. "Looks like I'll have to get rid of her somehow... this looks REAL bad."
I put her into the PC, and noticed Release was gone. Only Move was
:iconpoemonfanzo:Poemonfanzo 248 191
Captured by BlackyBadBoy
Mature content
Captured :iconblackybadboy:BlackyBadBoy 18 16



Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year 2014



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I'm Darkgatomon12, or just call me Ray.
I'm a fan of a lot of things (Mario Bros., Kirby, LoZ, Sonic the hedgehog, PKMN, Digimon, the list goes on).
I'm a serious person, sometimes I am kind with other people. Overall, a nice person


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