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During a search for pet photos, I found out several photos of pets who had died and after a quick search i was quite amazed with the nunber of people, owners who love their pet companions, that had decided to submit photos to honor the memorie of their friends and exprese how much they cared about them.

Some are more artistical then others, but what defines art?! To me is what a piece makes you feel and in all of this pieces we feel lots of love (the love of person who taked the photo and the love in the pets eyes) and a feeling that here in Portugal where i live whe call saudade (a feling of missing deeply)

I was realy touched with this and decided to make this news featuring some of them..

This news feature is in loving memory of all the pets that had gone forever and to all people who already lose a non-human special friend.

To them big hugs and kisses.

In Loving Memory Of Aleli by yellow-butterfly:thumb8255106: Rest In Peace Keisha by glassonion14
Carrie Ann by raela In loving memory by DiLaila In Loving Memory 02 by j0eyg1rl
.forever. by Gorshank In Loving Memory of Our Angel by pastseeker Hunter of my heart by Allestra
In Loving Memory by qwerty-kitties i miss you by Extra-Virgin Everyone Falls Down, Darling by shit-angel
:thumb30966583: Lucy Sleeping by absolutefreedom Leaves Taste Yummy by blackasyoursoul
rest in peace by attictapes patik da cat by glrnrn R.I.P. Ruby by daniellemasucci
Kalle the rabbit by haukhe sleep tight by GospodarSamoce RIP Tequila by LiuPi
:thumb46939164: The bunny and the stone by Fate-of-a-dreamer
Veera by Maons Her Face by eggy-chan it'll be alright. by shexspider
RIP Sylvie by trinityfairy:thumb54831890::thumb56150232:
Tinkerbell by Rachel-Phantom In Loving Memory by xKerei Pumpkin III by jimkarthauser
Hot Summer Day by slightlyirregular Hollie and Barney, 1991 by judecalverttoulmin I Don't Need Colors to Shine by SkinlessSelkie
:thumb57242747: My Shadow by Phyllia131 Soul and Memory by Entophile
marmalade by a-RAW Dearest Shadow by Rockin-Out Filip by minyaia
Soul and Memory by FluorescingSpider In Loving Memory by zannen-na Rest in Peace. by PolygraphPhotography
Baerchen RIP by snoopsincharge Shelby's Last Glance by Dirt2
Rest In Peace My Love by olushia-loosiczka Cheshire by Darkshadowchild My Black cat .::CHERRY::. by Mamoru-sama
ANNIE by natalievonsteppe In Memorium by Casseus Hide and Seek by ihopeyouchokeanddie
Snowball by bypolar-bear Kitty. by misfitdoll23 rest in peace by ordinarynan
Goodbye... by NoamitX14:thumb68276689: In sweet memory by CharlotteK
My Best Friend by MasterofEverything cemonk by blackbloom Chillin' by nevinK
In Memory of Merlin1 by PenelopeT:thumb69130957: Roni by Hondio
:thumb70711245: Chub Chub The Last Look Pt 2 by MisticMorgue RIP Peaches by thehour-glass
R.I.P. Tootsie I by daniellemasucci:thumb72044060: Puppy in blue by violetpain
:thumb72248434: r.i.p. by destinys75 last kiss by KBALSI22
Content Old Man by Goodbye-kitty975:thumb74306481: Tequilla by wojciechz
..... by smyrne:thumb75745278: In memory by Tiger-Kitty
Stella by TheObsidianCat:thumb71116413:
© 2008 - 2020 darkfullmoon
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I can't submit stuff.
so I'll just draw my poor little Dusty ...
He was just a stray , and we kept him

But in 6 days he got abnormaly lazy and struggled to breath

In over 8 hours, he died.


deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
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my dog is in this collection <3
miss her everyday
backxinxyourxhead's avatar
aww my baby girl is up there<3 thank you.
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I am sorry for everyone who lost pets too. I hope they are together looking at this.

Thanks for putting this together.
cayaa's avatar
It's strange when you realize all these pets aren't here anymore..

This is beautiful :heart:
natalievonsteppe's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature, I love the collection and feel honored to be part of it. I miss my dog so much and this means a lot. :)
xKharma's avatar
Thanks, you guys. This really touched me. Nina would be happy. :)
Lucifer-Black's avatar
damn.. some tears came up from my eyes, this is so touching... reminds me of my dog :(
Allestra's avatar
Thank you so very much for featuring my beautiful Arty kitty.
Made my eyes tear up, remembering my sweet boy.
this is all very beautiful.
Phyllia131's avatar
Thanks for taking the time to do this.
smyrne's avatar
wow; you made me cry :(
Rachel-Phantom's avatar
Extra-Virgin's avatar
i really thank you for featuring my piece :)
means a lot to me..

time passed by real quick..its been two years now since i lost my lovely Kiky ...miss him a lot [link]

looking at these pictures makes me sad and happy at the same time, for there are so many people who experienced having the most loyal best friend in the world!
SkinlessSelkie's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring me. Seeing all these great companions brought a lot of emotion back, and it's really nice to see that people express their pets in their own individual way.

This means a lot to me, and i'm sure everyone else out there who has lost a pet. :heart: May they all RIP.
Mamoru-sama's avatar
Thank you, it mean a lot for me :)
Rauren's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring me!
I never knew how much I loved my cat until he passed.
eXtremeBiker's avatar
animals should live longer :(
PolygraphPhotography's avatar
aw thankyou for featuring me,
this is a beautiful idea :heart:
pastseeker's avatar
Thank you ever so much for including my baby in your feature. What a beautiful collection of dear friends, many who guided us along our many paths in life. Brought a tear to my eye and some beautiful memories as well. Thank you so much for this. :heart:
misfitdoll23's avatar
These are all beautiful, thank you so much for featuring my picture. <3
KBALSI22's avatar
Thank you so very much for this feature. I am so moved that you recognized ALL these beautiful animals. It is a very hard thing to deal with losing a pet & this is a wonderful tribute showing how much love & friendship they gave us & how much they were deeply loved & will forever be missed:( Thank you once again for featuring my Disney:)
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thank you so much for the feature! even though mine was just a snap shot XD.

but this is a wonderful thing i think. even though it is sad :(. these are some of our best friends! so it is nice to recognize that, even if it is sad :)
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Oh my! I don't check my dev-art for ages and I'm featured. :) Thankyou so much, especially for the loving way in which you did it! :heart:
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Aw, there's my Finny Binny :heart:
This is a touching article to be featured on, thank you :)
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