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Beautys Beach Buffet (Vore Animation with SFX)

By darkflame8
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Here it is, the third and final animation of the Beauty Trilogy. Thanks to :iconxerovore: for making the art at the beginning and collaborating on the script.

Now before anyone asks for a mobile link, I will no longer be providing mobile links as people cannot be trusted to not either take the animation as their own, or provide it to someone on youtube who then claims it as their own.  if you can't see it on mobile using the app, use the mobile site instead.
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© 2020 - 2021 darkflame8
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Nothing more sexy then a bitchin belly beach Bout that's for sure

Swagbean's avatar

I love it! Will you ever put farts in your stuff?

darkflame8's avatar

I have before but I will never add them to animations.

uwuowoonoawa's avatar

their leg and back muscles clearly hold way more strength than the size of their legs and back would suggest.

darkflame8's avatar

Their stomachs also hold multiple people, trying to impart logic in this scenario is pretty pointless.

Flyingcapybara's avatar
Outstanding work as usual! Really loved all the massive belches and guts!

Also, It's me or that redhead looks *exactly* like a white version of Ariana? :p
darkflame8's avatar
Same hairstyle.
helphelpgulp's avatar

I wish I went to that beach! will we ever see the inside of their bellies?

darkflame8's avatar
No. that would be too difficult for me to render propoerly.
bestowed-upon-17's avatar

How about a final on-belly position? Definitely adds to the composition!

darkflame8's avatar
Wouldn't work, the deformity placed on the character by the stomach looks horrible. like the model is melting. 
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uvwxyz's avatar
Definitely well done and definitely LOL as well, cool animation and it made me smile, particularly the burps and the facial expression when she saw her final victim.
darkflame8's avatar
The term is prey and yes, I deliberately made it a lot more overthetop than my regular animations.
Jessicabreas's avatar

Holy hell, that was so hot. Loved the burps so much!

zencoyote's avatar

The more successful of a pred you are the bigger you become and the harder you are to be preyed upon yourself. However such success is a double edged sword; as the bigger you are the more of a tempting target you become as well.

Dragonicxs's avatar

wonderful job, this site needs more burp animations

Xerovore's avatar
Definitely agreed. I appreciate what both you and Darkflame8 have contributed to this field.
Dragonicxs's avatar

thanks I hope do more in the future

Xerovore's avatar
This ended up wonderful! You captured such a wonderful sense of scale, satisfying eruptions and going from big to bigger, to even more massive! Thank you for the opportunity of this wonderful art trade. I'm eager to do more work with you in the future.
Unknownincognitoguy's avatar

Nice animation!

Is it alright if I laughed a little though? Some of the belches kinda cracked me up lol

darkflame8's avatar
That's fine, they're meant to be more outlandish and overthetop.
curryoriley's avatar
She's really cute!
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