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Rainbow Dash Flying Drawing DAY3



This took me all day almost. I stopped for a few hours to play some Gmod with a few of the brony musicians, but otherwise this is all I did today pretty much. I'm not completely satisfied with it, and I was hoping to get to shading, but I think it will have to do. Since after all this is my first really nicely complete drawing with the tablet. The other one was just a colored and shaded sketch. This one is a complete piece. (Sans background). As always, critique is welcome.
Those other two things are the sketches I did to get to this point. The left is my initial planning sketch, which i deviated from massively. The right is the finished sketch, it took probably about 75% of the time of the whole piece.
I really hope you guys like it.

Also, I wish I had drawn this on a bigger canvas, this one ended up too small and not the highest quality. I'll try to avoid that from now on.
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It's been said already - AWESOME!!! /)