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Putting on a good show UPDATED



This is version 4 of this picture. Old description is below.

I will be selling this version at a couple of cons this year, if all goes well!

I've always liked the original of this picture, and I always wanted to revisit it someday. I figured that this was as good a day as any.
Here's the old version (V3)

Drawfriend! #THERE IS NO NUMBER WOOOOOOO *ghost noises*

Old description

Draw a pony putting on a play/Draw a pony performing.

Hey look, one I'm actually happy with.

Wallpaper by Shawnyall:

Putting on a Good Show by Shawnyall

UPDATE I've changed some stuff with it and I think it looks WAY better!
Old version is here

UPDATE2 I took some more input and updated it again!
Second version is here
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At an initial glance, it seem just a well done Dash drawing, Take, perhaps, a couple of minute points for picky minute details. (Example: A lock of her hair hanging over her left eye and yet... not... somehow. Just caught my attention)
Then I see that this is a submission for this "NATG3," thing. I'm gonna level with you, I have no clue what that is about, but what I can infer is that you submit works based on a general theme or criteria. I believe this one was, "Draw a pony putting on a play / Draw a pony performing." There are one or two points I would like to put up for consideration regarding the subject material and the criteria.

First off, the argument could be made that this does not directly show Dash putting on a show. I know it's not a major problem, as the title played a direct role in "setting the stage," as it were. All I'm saying is that while a lawyer might say that this is an obvious depiction of Dash performing for a crowd of ponies, a couple jurors might think that she is just taking in the morning air, or about to race through a canyon. You know being her usual badass-ness.

As I said, not a real problem or anything, I just have to ask; Why not give her an audience? Some of your previous works prove that you are not limited to drawing the one pony for a submission. Any doubt would be removed by adding a crowd of peers behind her, or making it look like she is towering over a tiny stadium on the ground. Now, I know, that presents all new challenges to the artist I couldn't begin to understand. I'm merely a humble critic, no artist.

So, there you have it, the dime tour of my two-cents.
Keep up the good work,