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Lifetimes of Loneliness

This is a sort of sequel to 

A friend of mine saw that one and asked if he could commission me to do something similar. I read his mind on what he wanted exactly, and then this was born. I think they go well together.
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I appreciate a good silent comic. One where words don't need to be exchanged to get the point across. Here you proved that you really can have a good comic without any dialogue.

Instead you use a great amount of well placed frames of Nightmare Moon looking at her long distance planet she use to call home and as if she actually regrets her actions and longs to be with her sister. It really is an emotional feeling to ones that understand the deeper context of the comic.

The art style of this is also very appealing to look at. It keeps the original style of the show but you added your own unique twist to it making it all the more unique.

In conclusion; this is a good comic strip.
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One of my worst fears...
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Very nice, lovely even... though I have one criticism in the fact Nightmare Moon was banished INSIDE the moon not on the moon.
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I realkly like the art style well done.
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*faepalm* i really dislike how everyone seems to think that nmm/luna was just waltzing around on the surface of the moon for a 1000 years when the show itself said she was sealed inside the moon... *sigh*
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Nightmare Moon looks really pretty in this ^^
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For a thousand years, I've waited here for you, 
Waited every night....
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For I thought you were the answer to my liiiiiiiife!
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Infinite despise and endless jealousy, bottled in my soul, has erupted as I'm tearing through the skies!
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Luna won't you cry for me? I'm as lonely as I've ever been!
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I am forced back into the start! 
Is there any way to fix a broken heaaaaarrrttt?
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((Well we kind of messed up the order, but VERSE 2 IT IS))

Days turned into years and into centuries!
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Patience had to fade,
Don't you see that there is vengeance in my eyes!?
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And then repeat...
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Oh, goodness... that hit me like a brick wall. I can't begin to fathom just how Luna must've felt there.

(Celestia, too, in the previous comic, but at least she was still home, with other ponies around, with laughter and talk and just about everything that makes life worth living; Luna had literally nothing.)
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My idea for the first one was that Celestia had to live with everything that happened, but she couldn't just get alone and deal with it on her own. She had a kingdom to rule. She had duties to fill. She had to put on the face that she was okay.
I'm not downplaying what Luna had happen, but just saying that Celestia had to go through what I consider to be harder.
1000 years surrounded by other ponies, 1000 years separated from your sister, 1000 years to think about every little moment that you had a chance to fix things before it was too late, 1000 years to act like nothing was wrong.
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Oh da feels. 
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Really digging it but it's hard to identify what's going on exactly. Still awesome none the less.
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"Turns out trying to murder everyone has consequences. Who knew?"
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