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So today is my 2-year art anniversary. I wanted to recreate my first serious art from two years ago, but I ran into a big of a problem in that the original was really really simple and boring. Remaking it wouldn't demonstrate my areas of improvement at all. So, what I decided was to recreate it from a new concept. So this is that piece.

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2 years of dedicated practice and you have obviously made huge improvements. It's always great to look back on where you started so you can appreciate where you are now, specially when grinding against that "wall" trying to really push yourself to get better, it's important to stay positive.

And focused...

I don't really see a point in talking about your old piece at all since this is a new style, a new scene, and comes with so more experience.

The first thing I notice and want to comment on is the lighting. You tend to do a really good job with lighting in your pieces where you focus on it, your recent piece with Celestia visiting Luna's crown had very well thought out consistent lighting and this is no different, really impressive. The only thing that seems off to me is maybe Twilight. She seems to be standing completely in shade yet her face is over half lit. In my opinion she should be placed wither further forward, or her leg that is lifted should be more lit? I don't know but it seems a little awkward.

I really want to talk about your line art, man your line art. It looks fast and hasty and sketchy but that is your style and it can and does look good. But then, other parts of the picture are a completely different style. Look at Pinkie Pie, I know she is the main subject so you probably spent the most time on her, but her lines, they are straight and clean and everyone else is sketchy, it looks like a clash of styles. Same thing with the stairs and railing around the balcony, its sketched and then it looks like you got lazy and used a line tool with the vertical railings and the top of the stairs. Your line style is fine but those harsh lines draw a lot of attention and take away from other things like the fantastic background. It feels like a storybook picture is halfway through transforming into a more realistic style and it hurts the scene.

The main reason I bring with up is because of what you said in your journal recently, that art is something your committing to improving seriously and you really want to shove against that "wall". You produce a TON of art, and if I had to look at a thousand different pictures I could instantly tell which one is yours. But there comes a point where just putting in a ton of hours (even though that alone may be more than everyone around you is doing) isn't enough, you will platue and never improve if you don't really look at what your doing and make a focused effort to getting "better". Better is confusing in art, cause it's all dependent on you. What do you want your pictures to look like? There are MLP artists who make unbelievable realistic paintings with insane detail, and then there are artists with sketchy styles such as yourself that I enjoy just as much, but you really need to have direction in what you want. It seems to me that you leave many of your pictures to soon before you have a chance to hammer out things that you potentially can improve or change.

I have no experience in art, but I have pushed against that wall in other areas. My advice to you is to really focus on what your doing and why, don't leave a piece until you are sure you have gotten all the knowledge out of it you can. It is really easy to "grind" out work but unless you focus on what your doing and really make an effort to improve you can get caught practicing a huge amount of time and never improving. It's not "fun" to really focus on one thing, it has to come from a drive that few people posses. You have to decide if you want to take that plunge and what is best for you and your work. I am sorry if this is out of line, I am just trying to pull from my own experiences about getting to that next level.

Back to this piece, which represents your progress as an artist over 2 years of drawing. You have come a LONG ways and should be proud of yourself. Don't take lightly how far you have come and how much you have improved to get here. Congratulations, I love your work and happily look forward to watching you continue your journey as an artist.