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Check it out. It's a little box made to look like Kato. Hence, the name. =D

Twas my last art assignment ever. Make a little box that represents yourself. So I made Kato. I've always thought my imp characters were representations of different pieces of my personality. Kato is my juvenile immaturity. =D

I didn't do Taimatsu (my imp form) coz he's all black and it'd be hard to do details.

It's such a cute box. ^-^ Theresa told me so three times. I want these mass produced. Or at least give me materials for 31 other imps. Bwah. That'd rock.
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Image size
2592x1728px 1.68 MB
Shutter Speed
10/400 second
Focal Length
8 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 3, 2005, 8:15:50 PM
© 2005 - 2021 DarkfireTaimatsu
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Is that something like your fursona 8D? -just checking :0-
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No, more like parts of my personality manifested into physical form.
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..... x] Thats so great. I would put a magnet inside it. and probably some string. or something...
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Wow, that's pretty nifty =)
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^-^ It really is, isn't it?
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-will send you brown, maroon, and pink papers- ^_^
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(= Good job Seany. *loves*
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=D *loves it too* Kato's claims of adorableness are finally proven.
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Now then. I just need to procure 3 dozen more boxes, a huge sheet of cardboard, and Xacto knife, and about a million different colours of paint.
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teehee. I'll help! =D
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=D If you could, that'd be freakin' awexome.
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Yesss. That would be fuuun
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An army of ImpyBoxes.
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^.^ That IS cute!!!! *wants to hug it, but fears she might squish it*
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Yusss... It's a little fragile. The ears in particular.
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