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Imps--Impressive Vocabulary

More comicses. =3

I love the imp word gag, so I just went for the overkill here, so's I c'n avoid using it too often. It'd be hard to top this one. I used every good imp word I could think of, including "impugn". Now there's your vocabulary word for the day. See? Kato's not a complete idiot. He's mildly intelligent when he wants to be... Mostly when it's fun for him.

Shiga is hard to use in comics coz of the comic's small size, and Shiga's sunglasses, and some correlation between them. It's hard to show his expressions with them. Kato's kinda deformed in panel 4, and Shiga looks small. Just pretend it was drawn by a good artist instead. =3

The most mysterious thing about the comic, though, is the mention of a yearbook... Imps don't go to school... Why do they have a yearbook? Why does Shiga care about all the photos having moustaches? Who let Kato have that much free time with a Sharpie? Yay for mysterious circumstances.
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Kato is so annoying XD If I were Shiga I'd shoot him in the head.
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Lucky for Kato, imps are impervious to outside forces. (And there's another imp word for ye.)
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Thats so cute! it made me laugh!
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*giggle* And that's not even half your list, is it? I love Kato's expressions, and you did a good job getting around Shiga's sunglasses.
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Kato's always very expressive... To an almost cartoonish extent sometimes. It fits him well.

You'd be surprised how many imp words there are, actually. My dictionary lists over 3 pages.
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XD This comic is superbly... imp-tastic :D (for lack of a better "imp" word ^^; )
DarkfireTaimatsu's avatar
Yeah, I used up most of them in the comic. =3
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I was wondering all of that too, I just figured they had some sort of school they went to or something =P But seeing as they don't maybe they just do yearbooks for fun and out of boredom? :XD:
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Yeah, who can tell with imps? =3
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