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Restful Lovers by DarkfiresDeath Restful Lovers :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 1 1
Pieces : Shattered
Blaise Zabini had always been a vain sort of person, finding himself above all others. It was no surprise, considering his mother was a very rich and beautiful woman. It also, then, was no surprise that Blaise had been sorted into the Slytherin house at Hogwarts way back in his first year.
His mean-hearted vainness was showing its ugly head once more, in this particular potions class. Blaise was now in his sixth year, and he knew what he did and didn't like. There were very few things he did like, and Gryffindor's were definitely not on that list.  It should come as no surprise that if one made a mistake, he would definitely make a remark. Yet to one Ron Weasley, it was incredibly infuriating to see his dark eyes and his cool and calm composure as a sneering remark slipped through his lips.
"Calm down Ron," Harry hissed, grabbing onto Ron's forearm to prevent the red head from jumping up and attacking the dark skinned boy. It was a stupid thing to do, and no offense to his fr
:icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 5 1
TWKD - Your Anti-Valentine by DarkfiresDeath TWKD - Your Anti-Valentine :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 0 3 Aya by DarkfiresDeath Aya :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 0 3 D'Artagnan Colour 1 by DarkfiresDeath D'Artagnan Colour 1 :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 0 0 D'Artagnan -Line Art by DarkfiresDeath D'Artagnan -Line Art :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 0 0 Raven's Wing by DarkfiresDeath Raven's Wing :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 1 3
Hurt her Heart...
To hell with it all, they didn't care anyways right? Why should what they think now upset her? They never cared before.
Once or twice they cared, she remembered those occasions well. Those times where she had endangered herself. They stopped her, she couldn't go. They needed her for their own selfish purposes. Without her mask, without her forced smile and constant bubbliness, how would they ever survive.
She put on a show for them, they wanted a happy bubbly person, no one wanted to listen to her sad stories after she listened to theirs, what kind of a deal was that? Seriously, no one wants to hear about someone else's crappy life.
She did though, she wanted to hear it all. It made them feel better, which disgusted her in a way, but for the most part, she wanted to compare her life to theirs. Disgusted was how she always felt. They always thought they had it so bad, and maybe they did, but her life was worse. She knew it. She knew it through a bitter jealousy. They had things she neve
:icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 0 4
Do you Dream
Do you dream, dear child? Do you dream as I do?
Have you ever closed your eyes and seen the pictures moving, as if on the television box, or do your dreams stand still?
My dreams do.
In my dreams I am sitting in this world, this world that is our own, only not our own. It is theirs. They own it, they walk in it, they live in it. They know all that is in it, yet they know nothing about it at the same time.
And there is always the fox, sitting there, facing me.
There are people who would seem to pass us by, but are frozen in a state that renders them motionless.
And always there is the fox.
Sometimes the fox is sitting, sometimes she is standing, but always she is there, and always she watches me.
Recently, the fox has found her voice. She speaks softly, and wisely. She knows a great many things, but she is always thirsty for knowledge.
'Do you dream, dear child?' she one day asked. I had no reply. So she asked me again...
'Do you dream, dear child? Do you dream as I do?'
'Is t
:icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 2 3
Hell by DarkfiresDeath Hell :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 0 0 Butterfly - Freedom by DarkfiresDeath Butterfly - Freedom :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 1 1 Juniper - Lyrics by DarkfiresDeath Juniper - Lyrics :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 3 3
::The Hypocrite::
Wow, if that wasn't pain, he didn't know what was. He sat up, coughing, sputtering, struggling to breath. After a moment or two, he was fine, but still slightly disoriented. He lay back down, letting the room spin around him, at least until it made him so dizzy he wanted to puke.
With a sigh he closed his eyes, covering them with one of his arms. Sure the world had stopped spinning, but he'd be damned if that didn't stop the pounding of his heart in his ears. It was so loud, it was giving him a headache.
He moaned in slight agony. This wasn't a fieldtrip, he wanted it to end.
He chuckled slightly. He had never been on a fieldtrip anyways, he wasn't so sure he'd like that much either.
Even over the pounding in his ears, he could still hear what was going on around him. Hushed whispers in the hall, a warning to leave him alone and arguments against it.
No, leave me alone, he thought, don't come in here…
Of course, thinking was not speaking, so he wasn't heard. The argument ended. Someone
:icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 1 0
Break Me... by DarkfiresDeath Break Me... :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 2 2 Batman ID by DarkfiresDeath Batman ID :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 1 6 A Random Batman by DarkfiresDeath A Random Batman :icondarkfiresdeath:DarkfiresDeath 3 2

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