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Alexandar C. Robinson
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
My real name is Alexandar Christen Robinson, and I draw Manga and furry art as of 2017. I suffer from major depression but I push through it to make others happy with my artwork. I hardly sleep because things are always on my mind, I always wanted to complete one of my original series. However its So Very Hard for me to do because im always thinking of new and better things, characters and more stories.
PSN/Xbox Gamer Tag - Darkfang100
Youtube -…

Darkfangcomics Original series
- The Ino Sakura Saga
- Hawk
- Vectra Legion
- The Children Of Atom
- The Super Ei8ht
- Stealth: Heroes Are Born (First furry series)
- Heart Warriors: Hailey and Kinsey (Newest addition)
Worlds collide border by darkfang100

Thanks For all the support you all have been showing me for my newest addition to Darkfangcomics. As I said the reason I created this series is because when I was last streaming bout a month ago a person asked me "Did I still watch CARTOON NETWORK", I told him no because theirs no good shows on their anymore its mostly a kids tv channel now. So he asked me "If I created a show for CARTOON NETWORK what would it be like and this is the result of that image I present "Heart Warriors Hailey and her twin sister Kinsey. 
DFCs Heart Warriors Hailey and Kinsey Cover by darkfang100
Hailey is on the left most of the time considered the younger sister for how she acts compared to her sister Kinsey. Hailey is very friendly and loves to meet new faces and spending time with her family sadly as much as she loves animal shes allergic to Cats. Kinsey Loves to spend her time outside looking towards the skies and reading her favorite romance books. Unlike Hailey she is more matured, she can be a little shy around times but she packs a major attitude underneath. Welcome Pages - Heart Warriors by darkfang100

Heart Warriors - The yellow lotus Debute by darkfang100

  The Yellow Lotus Jessica, No one has yet to seen her without her Magical transformation turned off. But When things got bad in their home time rest assured she was their to help save the day until two new warriors appeared and took her spot light. Every time they always took her spotlight without even recognizing her. She grew very jealous towards the two new warriors so much she became their rival. She vows to prove that she is still the best and the only true Heart warrior the world needs. 
Hailey and Kinsey Official - Chapter 1 Cover by darkfang100

   The Official Cover for chapter 1, I know its not alot to show as of this moment since I just started working on this project but still I thank you all. If I goes well I may do a weekly comic for it but first got to get the story together. I haven't forgotten my other series the thing is I have so many ideas and creations in my head they all want to come out at one time but I am only one person.   


Chun Mei - Ultimate Version

This was supposed to be posted months ago I am falling behind even on the comic rest assured Im still working on it when I get time just been extremely drained

Ultimate Version - I wanted to give her another look however in each way I tried I ended up killing one of her features of a Kind hearted older sister who is always willing to do anything to help her family and friends. I wanted her to resemble her fathers colors however it just wouldn't match right had to go back to her red. Do tell me if you like or dislike this design so I'll know to try and change it or keep her original vers
Huntera's Arrival - Light Silva

Huntera's Arival
This cover is about a story I thought of as you may know I introduced the daughter of Hunter Silva and Nilana the Lynx last Halloween.

Story - After Hunter reunited with his father after defeating the The Fall for good vanishing his remains into deep space. Hunter had to make a choice to tag along with his father for the first time as they went to make sure the galaxy would be safe from the clutches of Fall's Seven Horsemen. Or to stay behind with his fellow team mates and Nilana. Nilana encouraged Hunter to go along with his father and maybe become even knowledgeable from his experience and come back even stronger and so he went. As Hunter would begone Nilana and the rest knew their would be great risk without a (NIGHT HOWLER), however their was no other wolf among them except the hybrid she was carrying within her... her child to be. Light Silva, assuming that it would be a boy but to their surprise it was a girl. However that wouldn't stop the STEALTH unit. Light was trained by both her aunts Trini and Zara, however with her combination of cells learned. As months passed a new enemy approached earth with his fellow members, A new Deluche born from the chaos realm.
Jackdaw, Nilana knew her daughter wouldn't be ready but with faith she could pull of the impossible after all she a Silva its in her blood. She finally took her fathers mantel disguised in an all black suit dressed as a male and after a few months she runs into two wolves among a building under the moonlight skies. As she tried to defeat the foes she stood no chance as the opponent looked as if he was going to throw the finishing blow he hugged her with words "Welcome To The Family". Light removed the helmet to look her father in the face for first time. Light cried her eyes out as she hugged her father for the first time along side her uncle. As her father gazed upon her he pulled his bag off of his back since your a girl theirs no need to cover your pretty little face and body from head to toe now is it. As he handed her very own first Stealth outfit, "Welcome to the pack, Huntera".

Heart Warriors Re Manga Cover
DFC'S Heart Warriors Hailey and Kinsey REBIRTH Manga Cover
As most of you know I'm currently working on DFC's Stealth Manga while been writing the book version to Hailey and Kinsey Series. I slightly altered their looks for a more up to feel version since I changed the story a bit adding a new character to the mix their Teacher.
Laciana Elvenhelm (JANE) is of the three princess handed over to their planet's (XANDAR) warlords as a sacrifice. However instead of killing them he kept them in his own person dungeon as his personal trophies. However she managed to escape and went back to her home planet. When she heard that her planet was putting together a unit to rise against the warlord she went undercover to take her revenge. However her first mission upon the knights was to seek help from Planet Atom. Upon Arriving Atom was already under attack from another powerful alien known as IV. As the knights had no choice but to run they tried to make an escape through hyperspace but they were shot down sending the survivors crashing on earth. leading up to her meeting two young girls Hailey and Kinsey to give them some the legendary power from Xandar.
DFCs Starlight Debute
Welcome Starlight to the Stealth Series, Starlight is apart of the organization "Seven Horsemen" even though she's a pony. She was recruited by Valdor when she was young for unique abilities yet to be matched against she fought before until she arrived to Albarilia and met her life long rival "Zara The Sabretooth Cat" of a extinct race. As she may have beaten the young Zara but also inspiring Zara to unleash her true Animal instincts. Both Starlight and Zara were both gifted from Albarilia's guardian fox and to show their true warrior skills they hardly wear attire like most.


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