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Saiyan anatomy - skull by DarkFalcon-Z Saiyan anatomy - skull by DarkFalcon-Z

some of my headcanons about Saiyan anatomy - mainly skull:

-facial part is longer, nasal cavity is bigger in comparison to humans, but human face is flatter - the part of skull with nose and mouth is more pronounced in Saiyans, te jaw longer, leaving more place for teeth, teeth are bigger and sharper, but it’s mostly only noticeable in case of fangs, Saiyans hace pronounced chin like humans

-facial part looks like a fusion between human and capuchin skull, neurocranium looks a lot like human, at least on the outside, there may be some small differences at points, but general shape and size (in proportion to the rest of the body are the same). The topography of the inside of neurocranium may be different but I can’t exactly say how

- parts of the brain responsible for sensory processing are bigger and denser as well as parts responsible for spatial awareness (that is probably not proper scientific vocabulary, I’m not on this field, nor is English my first language), but language processing centres and parts responsible for empathy are relatively smaller. This is okay, it doesn’t make Saiyans less capable of empathy or language, they can learn exceptionally fast and have better memory than humans, though they may have less inborn aptitude for those things. Socialisation is the problem here, especially with the empathy. On the other hand experience allow Saiyans to develop even more sensory processing (that goes both with having sharp senses and with living in the culture that creates appropriate patterns of interpretation for sensory impulses) and spatial awareness (it’s because they can fly early on)

- Saiyans only learn to talk when they are about three years old. It is physically impossible for them to learn to pronounce sounds earlier - an evolutional adaptation, that prevents them from choking on the food they gobble. But they understand language much earlier. This inability corresponds with the size of language processing centres in the brain. 

- Ears can have varied looks. They partly have the structure of a human ear, but auricle is shaped more like a capuchin, marmosete or a mandrill. I don’t have explanation for that other I may want to allow myself some artistic variety in case of drawing Saiyans. 

- I’d say Saiyans generally resemble capuchins and other monkeys of this family (not baboons, I just like to call them that  for lulz). Prehensile tail makes them similar to new world monkeys, like capuchins (baboons are old world monkeys and don’t have prehensile tails). But they have nails not claws, so they are like capuchins, not like marmosets (marmosets and such have claws). Also I’m not a primatologisct so there may be monkeys that share closer resemblance to Saiyans than capuchins (but it’s appropriate to settle for them due to association between capuchins and pirates presents in our culture).

- Prehensile tail suggests they evolved in a jungle environment (or one that has similar spatial arrangement). Planet Vegeta is a desert. Saiyans come from Planet Salda (or Salada) on it was covered with one hell of a jungle judging by the size of those creatures.

- there is problem with thermodynamics - Saiyans are so big they would overheat in the warm environment, even in their standard forms, which I think are about 10% bigger than homo sapiens sapiens on average. I don’t know what to do about it because they obviously can handle heat just fine.

- I’ve drawn Raditz and Gohan at the bottom, so it may seem like Raditz explains it to Gohan, but that’s not possible since Raditz doesn’t know shit about human anatomy 

Under-8000 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This is fascinating! You've obviously put a lot of time and thought into this explanation and that's amazing. I would love to hear more of your ideas and such! Interestingly enough I had recently wondered about Salada and what it would be like on the planet. When I thought about the Saiyans, I figured it would have to have large forests and powerful beasts! Ohhh, stuff like this just gets me sooo excited, I love talking about and reading it. ^^
DarkFalcon-Z Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you. I was thinking, that if I'm drawing Saiyans, I need to understand how they could could look like and than I decided I can write a couple of my headcanons anyway. 
Under-8000 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That's great! ^^
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