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Future timeline by DarkFalcon-Z Future timeline by DarkFalcon-Z

this is Future timeline for some au, where Raditz lives.

Chichi is a top master of martial arts now. Videl and Sharpner are her students.

Videl and Eresa are now married.

Eresa is a nurse.

16 is activated to help rebuild the world (or babysit Saiyan children). 

Bulma, with her son by her side, is a leader leading humanity to the new future. 

Trunks leads a warrior force for Earth protection. They mainly protect Earth from power hungry humans, who wants to use the the tragedy that befallen humanity for their petty and selfish gains. The group includes himself, Raditz, ChhiChi, Videl and Sharpner, also 16, when it can’t be avoided (he doesn’t like violence and fighting).

Raditz has three children, two daughters and a son.

Sharpner had a crush on Raditz until he realised Raditz could be his dad (and he has 3 kids by 3 different people, and most of all he is an alien with a past of being a mass murderer)

The kids:

Roké - the eldest, she is rather unruly, very driven, outgoing and straightforward. She loves fighting and spending time in the forest, but also cooking. She is in a way quite responsible for her younger siblings. Raditz finds her the easiest to connect to among his children. She has brown hair and black eyes. Her other parent is very misanthropic. He left the day after she was born, leaving her to Raditz to rise on his own (and that was only showed up several moths after  leaving the morning following one night stand asking if Raditz was going to take care for the baby). But he shows up from time to time with presents, because, even though his very bitter person, he doesn’t want Roké to grow up thinking he hates her. 

Bergin - the middle child. She likes pretty dresses and hair decorations. She wants to be a ballerina princess and she likes when someone reads her fairytales. That to say she’s almost as much of a little hellion as  Roké. Raditz finds it really hard to understand her interests, but he cares for her very much. Her mother actually lived with Raditz for some time, unfortunately she died of heart disease when Bergin was still very little. Bergin also has an aunt on her mother side, who is honestly so miffed about her sister’s life decisions.

Vidaru - the youngest child and the only son. He hasn’t learned to talked yet. He’s a real sweetie, very well behaving, at least in comparison to his sisters. He loves color pink, and he likes when Bergin puts pink ribbons in his hair. He looks so much like Gohan, Chichi cried when she first saw him. Except he has green eyes. His mother is alive and well, and he often visit her and her girlfriend with his sisters. The reason she isn’t taking care of him herself is she met  Roké and Berging and she decided she isn’t up for it (note that all of those kids have superhuman strength). 

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November 13, 2017
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