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but it might take while! 

yes I do non-winx characters, too
Anthro too. (depends) 
New *Emoticons La Stella Aisha stare emoticon Clap Flora 1.1 emote  Meow tecna emoticon 1.2 
New * : Beta-slots (unlimited 
New *: other colorations : shiny:  Icon Lacustrix Estell 1.0 by darkfairyofmadness and flat with a bit shin:  Icon Lacustrix Estell 1.3 by darkfairyofmadness 

Special about Betaslots: 
They have lower priority and it will probably take a while. 
Ill will personal artworks, at, ych, event related things before I do this Commission.
and in an order I feel like to do them 
It can take a long time, 
( usually I do commission asap, and out myself under pressure. This should be different. but it's a risk to you too, It's might take month. 
Beta- Slots
 Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 3/4  


Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 0/4  

xXSumthiniXx 4 pagedolls 
  Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 0/4 Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 2/4

Icons on you own risk:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - okay, it's not that badHey there!
The "new" eclipse
You  probably have, at least heard of it. 
It has some good sides, too. Even tho I think you can easy miss some comments, or tags.
But I don't want to speak about the eclipse ... okay some way. 
The avatar /Icons. 
If you use the eclipse you may have noticed that the icons appear much bigger. It's still the same icon you uploaded for the old side, it's not blurry, the pixel arts looking like well pixelarts. so no problem right? 
Well... if you try to upload a new avatar /icon and want to use one with the old 50 x50 pixel it tells you " The image must 100 x100 we can't resize animated images for you. 
Wait what??????? But All my Icons are 50x50 pixel?!?! Do you tell me that of them will become useless??? There more 200 icons, you can't do this!
And you resized my icon already!! -logic. 
I use gimp - I can't resize them without  making them all blurry, that looks horrible!!! 
Okay It's not that bad. 
Some onli

Icons 50 x50

Chatta Icon by darkfairyofmadness  Flora Enchantix icon by darkfairyofmadnessNerimer mermaids Icon 
(icon 70 / 90 Points )
All animations like Closing eyes, and sparkles are free. 

You can request a pose just for you, but It maybe don't turn out so well, 

You can also choose all poses I used for canon characters,…

Musa Enchantix 2 by darkfairyofmadness quick blinks , Flapping wings, sparkles -  Flora mw Icon 2.2 charmix Flora starlix 1.1 pre cosmix icon 70 Points
Stella enchantix eyes and sparkels by darkfairyofmadness Slow blink, ( not available with moving hair or wings, or other specials) - 80 Points 

Com for PunkFairyofGreenDay Leilani icon by darkfairyofmadness AT with  RoyaltyFreeBullshit yukimi icon by darkfairyofmadness Com for WhisperingIllusion Calypso Believix icon by darkfairyofmadness Com for WhisperingIllusion  Freya icon mw by darkfairyofmadness Stormy Icon by darkfairyofmadness Aisha Layla Mw by darkfairyofmadness  Icy Icon Icewall by darkfairyofmadness Other specials like this, 90 Points 

More complex specials - dependents. 
More info / Base and more in middle of this journal 

Bloom  pre butterflix icon 100x100 f2u by darkfairyofmadness Nature island Estell Icon f2u by darkfairyofmadness
about 100 points, ask me! 
Fill out:

Characters ref: 

Sparkles yes / no ( how strong?) 
Closing eyes / blink:  no/ Yes 2 frames ( normal)  / Slow ( 3 frames) 
Moving Wings: no / Yes ( from open to closed, or from closed to open?) 
Bit moving hair: yes / no 
Other little effects: 

Slower Sparkles
slow closing of the eyes  
( not available with moving wings, hair or the most effects) 

 Or as 100x 100 pixel ( can come with more frames, but not as much as pagedolls 

Pagedoll Islands with Characters and Without : New 

Rq  for Sky6666 by darkfairyofmadness RQ for  xXSumthiniXx by darkfairyofmadness
150 x 150 pixel max 
couples and groups possible! 
80 Points  per characters ( Canon /official characters can come cheaper, ask me!)   

+ 10 Points animation like I do for icons ( max 18  frames) ( always for all characters 

more complex animation like I use for the larger pagedolls: 
 +first animation is free  / ( or simple eyes closing and simple moving of the wings together ) 
20 Points  for every animation , like eyes blink, wings ....
+ 20 Points for a bit animated backgrounds 

without something/pixel  behind it, things (like wings) can't be transparent as gif / animation
 transparent wings and other thing without background only png/static

For more Islands, Bases and animation examples scroll down to " Bases, Effects, Animation and customization"  
- I want to make rain and Snow too, but I not sure that I can do this yet. 

Islands only , without character: 

As Free to use 
free if I feel like to draw it or thing it will be great for commission its free
if I don't feel like to draw it ( even if I like the idea ) depends on complexity somewhere between 20 and 80, maybe up to 150 for something very detailed
animation can cost extra, depends on complexity too . Simple animation are free 

Just for you
( I wont use it for other commission / as free to se ectra.) 
somewhere between 70 for very easy things, about 100 - 150 semi detailed, up and 450 for very very  complex 
animation depends on complexity too, simples things 10 / 20 points
Pose: 10 / 15 points

Island Wips: 
Go her for free to use and Islands:…
go her to look for more  bases / pose:…

Wip islands ( can be picked to: 

Other Idea I want to make: 
A big flower as Island 
Desert oasis (Bigger than 150 x 150 pixel

Islands non- pagedoll 

not every one want to use them as page dolls , and the eclipse dont support pagedolls anyway. 
I can do floating island, bigger than 150x150 and with more for more characters, 
you can ask me about it,  on own your own risk. 

Pagedolls  Large / semiChibi:  

Pagedoll Bloom dark Up n Down by darkfairyofmadness  Roxy Pagedoll by darkfairyofmadness
150 x 150 pixel
150 Points  per character 
( 2 characters or more per piece can be possible , ask me!) 

 +first animation is free  / ( or simple eyes closing and simple moving of the wings together ) 
+ 20 Points  for every addition or other simple animation  animation , like eyes blink, wings ....

+ 20 Points for a bit animated backgrounds 

For custom Pose , Bgs and effect check the part "Bases, Effects, Animation and customization" 

Animations, effects 
you can choose many different animation, 
like flapping wings, Flying, Sparkles, closing the eyes,  waving / moving hair
also specials, like playing an instrument, transform 

You don´t need a background but: 
Without a background things like wings can´t be Transparent for animated things/gif.
If you want transparent Wings or other things, I need a background "behind it. "
transparent wings and other thing without background only png/static

More info / Base and more in middle of this journal 

Fill out for Pagedoll Large / semi Chibi
Sparkles:  ( Show me an examples. Some are made with more frames, differierend strength...)
(how fast / slow, how many frames, how strong 
Moving hair: Constant moving/ Moving with the wings / no moving ( give an example for the strength)
Wings: Standing / Flapping a bit, ( just bit flapping  or close the wings, how many times? ) /from closed wing to open, or from open to closed/
flying  ( Show me an example if possible) 
Flying up and down  : Normal/ special / non 
Shine / shining: for tynix and dreamix ... Yes / no 
Closing eyes: Non /normal / fast ( 2 or 3 frames?) / with more frames 
Special Animations:  
Coloration: Soft shading, / cell shading / mix shading 

( You dont have to fill out everything, but make sure that you get what you want )

Dot Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Dot Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Dot Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Bases, Effects, Animation and customization  Dot Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Dot Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Dot Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! 

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Take a look here, all of this F2u, all bases and effect available:… 

 Dot Bullet (Dark Purple) - F2U!  Bg's islands , and more Bases ( not everything here is F2U! :…

Dot Bullet (Red Orange) - F2U!  Animation and effects: 
  For examples and animation examples take a look here ( a lot of this is NOT f2u :…

customization and New 
Dot Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! 
color-change - Free 
  removing  / adding change details - Free   
 new Background / island or pose, as "Free to Use" Free  
Free to use mean, everybody can use this Bg / Island, Pose and I can use it for other Commission and artworks 

New Special Pose just for you ( I wont offer them as free to use or use them for other commission: 

Large Pagedolls /semi Chibi : 
 + 40 Points   for special pose just for you
+ 60 Points  for a special semi detailed background just for you

Islands 150 x 150 max : dependents on complexity - ask me.
somewhere between 70 for easy things, , about 100 - 150 semi detailed, and 450 for very very complex 
animation depends on complexity too, simples things 10 / 20 points
Pose: 10 / 15 points

Emoticon / Emote Commission 

La / clap/ meow  with hair:     5 points
simple emotes without hair but animated wings, clap, la, stare :     3 points
happybounce: with hair:  10 points ( can come with static hair or bit bounce hair: 
no hair: 5 points 

Other emoticons : ask me. I can probably do all official emoticon like: :D (Big Grin) Love Hug Rage =) (Smile) LOL Pat pat 

Can be uploaded in my gallery as emoticon, (everybody could use it), or pixel art. 
you are free to upload this in you gallery too.

information for new costumers: 
I'll send you a wip when I made the non- animated part, before I start making the animation 
you can ask me to change things at this points, colors, details ectra. 
I wont keep working on it / making the animation until you accept that version

I wont send  you the animated version, until you paid me ( Usually) 
I'll send you the  animated  version ( or versions), you can still ask to make changes, if you don't like details about the animation, speed, sparkles... 

I upload finished commission to my gallery. If you don't want it, you have to tell me 

Fan Icon and pagedoll of offical / canon characters from show/ movies ectra:
just for you - 100 % of the price 

as a "free to use" icon / pagedolls (which mean everyone can use it) 50 % off 
( for an example Ariel from Disney's Ariel ) 

As a Free to Use icon from a fandom I am into. 100 % off / free 
For example winx , like the winx, Stella, Aisha, tecna... (also minor character, villains ectra
I do shippings to

if you have a question, just ask ;) 

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