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I made another version, because I didn´t really like this one, you can find it here: darkfairyofmadness.deviantart.…
Magic Wings / standard-transformation icon: darkfairyofmadness.deviantart.…

- this one shows her with the belong wings. This lower part of her wings is often ...Missing?  ( not there) . In season 4 it was completely  removed. There just show up h few times. Maybe there wrong, I dunno. 

Some Fun-facts about Tecna : 

Tecna love video games!
In the episode "Party Crasher ", you can see her playing video games with her bonded pixie.
in the episode "hallowinx" she talk about video games she played. She named "Doom 2" and "resident evil" - booth games are really existent horror games. Funny is, that there from earth, and that there 18+, but tecna wasn´t 18 in this episode.  
in season 4, she talkes about that she learned on earth ( in S4) what´s video games are, and that she an play / have fun with computers    

Sometimes tecna seems to be emotionless, but she just don´t show her feelings. 

She was the only one who notice that´s something was wrong with professor Avalon. 
She was the only one who was able to go into the omega-dimension-portal, and the only one who was able to close it too. 
Tecna isn´t just a techno genius". She get trapped in the omega-dimension, and the show made it clear: only tecna was able to survive, because of her skills ( she made high-tech clothes, to keep herself warm, and made her self food) . Even Bloom would have died. 

If you overthink this: The omega dimension is a prison, where the prisoners are frozen in ice. When tecna arrived, a lot of them broke free, but it´s an ice realm without any food. The prisoner started to make small groups and fight against each other, instead to work together to find a way out. And when the other girls arrived, the other prisoners didn´t look exhausted from days without food ( and water). (There wasn´t able to make them self food, and water, like tecna.) And one of them used Tecnas transmitter to lure someone.   If you think what could be the reason for this- tecna saw some really weird things.   

From time to time, the show shows what Tecna do a lot,  reaching for example or finde or invented necessary equipment / technologie , she saved Magic bye closing the omega-portal,  she  thinks rational when the others freaks out. She is smart,  brave cool, quiet, but not shy, but still nearly always in the background. If you think she isn´t really important, you are just wrong. She is one of this person, you don´t notice them until there gone. 
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