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Cl4p-tp - Left Corner

By DarkeVitrum
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Claptrap from Borderlands. It took about 5 months to figure out how, and to actually, complete him. This is the most advance thing I've made to date and am in love with it. I tried to make everything as accurate as I possible could. The medium I used limits that level of accuracy but i was determined to find a way to get as close as I could while staying within the medium and with the limited equipment and knowledge I possess.

The vents in the front and the top piece are actually open, only soldered on the sides and layered on top of each other, and actually function for that purpose. This was my first attempt at making this guy and I learned so much from the process. His arms are made of copper pipe as glass tubing proved impossible to find. I ended up using a blue wine bottle for the base of his eye, it shows as red, or rust, in the game though that color proved impossible to find locally. The lighting turned out to be as much a frustration as the arms, I eventually settled on a T8 12" bulb which you can access by flipping open the top vent that I put on a hinge. The lens in his eye does show through in the front view.
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Ooof this is so freaking amazing!!! <3 
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Absolutely fabulous Claptrap! Oh no, he is speaking again ..
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...But can he dance?
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Unce Unce Unce 
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Wow, that must have taken a long time to make.  It looks phenomenal.  Great job!
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You were featured on ThinkGeeks facebook page! :D…

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*throws desesperatly money at screen*
Sir, I would really like the plans for this lamp so I can make one with my mother. It is really good.
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This belongs on etsy!
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dude you are amazing this looks SOLID
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this is sick!!!! does it say "unce unce ounce"? ahhahhahhaha
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The next one I make may include that actually, it seems to be about the most common question, and I mean, it is the name. We'll see. Thank you ^_^
I have to ask.. Will you make it one for sale ? Cause i'll pay for it definitly ! ;)
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I am amazed. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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you are amazing... I want one :D
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Awesome lamp bro :D
Dianabolique's avatar
WOW!!! :wow:
I'm a huge fan of the Borderlands series and I've played them all (and still am to be honest) and I just loooove this little guy!!! Claptrap is the most amazing character of this game and he is one of my favorite to play with.

You've done a fabulous job and you sure can be proud of it. You're a very talented artist and the only thing I can add to this comment is "Keep on creating!". :clap:
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Thank you! I definitely love the little guy. And don't worry, I plan to, I'm just getting started ; p
300 bucks do it? I have cash...wubwubwub!
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Your Claptrap replica won't be truly complete until he can give you a high-five! Just kidding, awesome job, dude, plus congrats they shared this on the Borderlands FB page. :)
Super dope.... I want to acquire this :(
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