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Hello all, I know what you're thinking right now. ' What the hell is this again?' Wanna know how I know, so would I. I am not happy. I haven't been for a very long time. I've been beaten, broken, cut down and sold for scrap. Now after this overl
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" I have seen a thing that I don't like. I am going to tell this person that I don't like the thing they have made and shared free of charge." This is what I believe goes through the minds of you people. Yes, I really do believe that now. After a very distressing exchange that we will get to in a moment, I have come to the realization that I am no longer relevant in this 'community' or more aptly, cesspool. For the purposed of obscurity these users certainly shouldn't deserve, this is the shit that pisses me off to no end. This shit, right here. Take a good look and see what I see. The remarks of; " What you have created I believe to be substandard to my expectations of free things shared with the cesspool. I shall inform this person of this. *Ahem* You suck. Do things I want to see for free. I have now adequately expressed my disapproval and shall receive the benefits of free content more tailored to my preferences." This isn't the way to express your views. Hasn't
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No one will help you. To keep this passion day after day, month after month, year upon year is a dedication that few have possessed and even fewer will maintain. To forgo other hobbies and interests that would yield more satisfaction and accomplishment to the creator, are overlooked for the instant gratitude of the common user. It's an uphill struggle to constantly be creative and to stay relevant enough to still appeal to the few that remain; made even more difficult by the niche that one refuses to leave. To make it that far, no one will help you. Relevant media to include: Posted this as a status, but the more I thought about it, the
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Here a GTS height comparison chart.

The Mysterious Island - Day 1 size comparison

Wish you'd go back to your roots and do more shrinking stories involving barefoot women. GTS artists are a dime a dozen on deviantart

The fuck are you talking about? Like the last six o seven series I have just done are literally that. Why not just say what you're thinking which is " Your creativity isn't good enough. Do shit I want because I lack the ability to figure it out myself."

Thanks for nothing asswipe.

Wow Jesus Christ struck a nerve much? I love your stuff, just saying I liked it when you focused on SW content. No need to go apeshit mate

Yes, you fucking did strike a nerve. So fucking sorry I make content to appeal to the broad range of interests that I have.

Take your sorry ass back to the lurking zone and leave me the fuck alone.

Happy birthday 🎊🎉🎂🎈🎁