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Today is the day, with much humility, I announce that I have made a Patreon page. Does this mean that all future series and releases will behind a paywall? Am I going to bow to the establishment and take the money and run as it were? No it doesn't. All comics/series/stand alone images will be released here or on my new twitter page. Look at me with this new social media presence... God I hate it. But Patreon demands it, so it must be. The shift in my once stalwart and unflinching position that I don't want your dirty money is purely topical. There is no guilt to not throwing pennies at me to make me dance. This is just another way to show me the love that if you like what I do, what I have done, or what I'll continue to do. With that the links are here. So raise a glass of beer, wine, soda, motor oil or what ever you have and let's keep this crazy train careening along at ludicrous speed until we crash into the station in a ball of fire and glory.
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The end of an era... after eleven years of faithful service, my PC has parted ways. These are truly dark times.
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Hello all, I know what you're thinking right now. ' What the hell is this again?' Wanna know how I know, so would I. I am not happy. I haven't been for a very long time. I've been beaten, broken, cut down and sold for scrap. Now after this overl
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Here a GTS height comparison chart.

The Mysterious Island - Day 1 size comparison

Wish you'd go back to your roots and do more shrinking stories involving barefoot women. GTS artists are a dime a dozen on deviantart

The fuck are you talking about? Like the last six o seven series I have just done are literally that. Why not just say what you're thinking which is " Your creativity isn't good enough. Do shit I want because I lack the ability to figure it out myself."

Thanks for nothing asswipe.

Wow Jesus Christ struck a nerve much? I love your stuff, just saying I liked it when you focused on SW content. No need to go apeshit mate

Yes, you fucking did strike a nerve. So fucking sorry I make content to appeal to the broad range of interests that I have.

Take your sorry ass back to the lurking zone and leave me the fuck alone.

Happy birthday 🎊🎉🎂🎈🎁