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History of the Blood CultHistoryAntiquityThe oldest known written records about the blood cult date from around the year 2,000 BC. There are only fragmented bits of lore deciphered from broken stone tablets found in the ruins of Ashur. It is written that some tribes from the fringes of the known world used to sacrifice humans in order to appease their god Um'rA'eSh. Due to the bad condition of the texts, not much is known about the cult, but it is hinted that it has been practiced since long before the time of the writing.Indeed, some modern scholars try to link a 25.000-year-old cave painting from Spain to the cult, but most archeologists doubt that it is possible that the cult survived for such a long time and spanned such a vast geographic area during the paleolithic period. The painting depicts a dragon-like creature that superficially resembles the descriptions of Um'rA'eSh from newer texts.A more in-depths description of the practices of the cult comes from the 14th century BC, when the cult seems to have spread to Anatolia. A Hittite scholar describes that some of his countrymen have begun practicing the blood cult, which has before only been associated with "uncivilized" cultures, in secret. Another text details the precautions made by the cult in order to hide it from the general public. It describes that the sacrifices are only to be made during specific religious holidays and animals are only to be sacrificed (fed to the god) if it is impossible to get a human sacrifice without being caught. This text also shows the general fear the cultists had that their god would destroy the city if they do not practice regular sacrifice and also how dangerous it was that most people would not believe their teachings.Later, the cult seems to have spread around the entire Mediterranean, where we have several ancient Greek and later Roman authors mentioning it among other mystery cults. No texts are known from the cultists themselves, but mainstream Greek authors describe that the cult sacrifices mostly oxen and horses to their gods, with no mentioning of human sacrifice.Parallel to this, the cult is also mentioned in sources from the Gupta empire and in Chinese texts from the Qin dynasty. One Chinese author mentions the fear of the cultists of a dragon that lives inside their temple, but he dismisses it as their "temple" is just some house and would never contain a divine dragon.Roman authors also mention the cult being practiced by Germanic, Celtic and Scythian tribes throughout Europe and even among the Berbers of North Africa, while Chinese sources mention that the cult has spread around the entire world.Medieval and early-modern sourcesWith the spread of Christianity and Islam, sources from the cult itself get sparce. Some scholars think that the various kinds of dragon slaying myths that spread around Europe actually depict Christian missionaries wiping out specific communities of the cult and that the dragons are symbols for what they saw as devil worship. The Persian author al-Qazwīnī mentions Um’rA’eSh as a kind of Jinn that has been worshipped in pre-Islamic times.At the same time, it seems that the cult saw some kind of renaissance in China, while also being secularized. Sources mention the spread of small dragons that people worshipped at their homes by sacrificing small animals to them.European medical and natural history books from the early modern period show creatures found in association with witch trials which have been identified as Um'rA'eSh by modern researchers. It seems that like in China, instances of the deity also have become smaller and tamer in Europa by that time.While we have no sources about the blood cult being practiced in the Americas before Columbus, some scholars have tried to link Mesoamerican human sacrifice to the cult. This is highly disputed since there are no similarities between the practices of the Mesoamerican cultures and those of the cultists of the Old World. Most historians agree that the cult actually spread to the Americas through European immigrants and African slaves and later syncretized with Indigenous American religions.Worship in modern timesWhile some kind of religious reverence of Um'rA'eSh seems to have persisted in remote communities throughout the world, by the 18th and 19th century most instances of the deity are bred as a kind of exotic pet. In the second half of the 20th century, it gained popularity among youth cultures like Punk and Metal fans because of its dark history. It also seems that some religious interest has resurfaced among New Age religious movements.In 2003, the cult gained widespread media coverage when two sixteen-year-olds from Munich, Germany killed a classmate in order to appease Um'rA'eSh. Both teenagers have been found not guilty by reason of mental disease and are currently in institutional care. The Um'rA'eSh has been brought to an animal shelter. It has been found to have been grossly neglected.
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ADOPT #1 (OPEN) by HatsukiOwil
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Mortal Kombat - Mileena's Thirst by hombre-blanco


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:bulletyellow: We are underground artists with the will for creation and sharing content, you'll find any kind of creations that your mind ignore, if you are an artist and want to join us, you are welcome! Share with us your creations! :bulletyellow:

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I wasn't aware of that little fact, but... this group was made ten years ago already! Can't believe how fast time can pass by so, reflecting on that, welp! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been here and joined this group, also goodbye to all the people who has left and will leave this group as well.
Wanted to take this little update to refresh the jounal section, I'm not usually writting here anymore, that's why I wanted to all this little entry to say a few words and refresh this space. I know it's not a big deal, we usually use these groups only to share our stuff or random content but it's nice to see how much people has joined this group over the years. Even since I'm not usually active on DeviantArt more than just to accept and reorder some few deviations on Darkest-Society's gallery.
But that's why I've changed the deal and vision on this group over the years. At first I started this as a joke for a few people I used to talk on and so years ago here on DeviantArt. But as I saw it growing just a little bit I turned this to be a more "goth/dark/creepy content themed group" than any other thing.
I always loved occultist and dark spooky shit, but at the end of the day. Over all, I'm a content creator. I love working on stuff and sharing content even if it doesn't get to anyone. I do it for myself, but I also want it to make (even a few people) feeling things.
Making people to be happy, angry or sad, even just a tiny bit, but as long as anything you create can cause one little reaction on a single person that's more than enough to make it art and it must be shared.
That's why I wanted to focus this group in that way, to make a place where anyone can share whatever they wanted here as long as they feel it can hit anyone.
And yeah, I know art is way too subjective all time and whatever I consider a nice a cool piece someone else can say "It's bullshit!" that makes it art too. If somebody feel disgusted for a thing you do, that's quite artsy itself as long as you are aware of that.
So, I don't want to extend this journal more than I should. As I said, I just wanted to take some few word to be written here to make a little update.
Remember: Keep living, keep working, do art, enjoy it and share it! You're welcome here to share your stuff.
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