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Another tribute to She-ra, with Adora already transformed into her Amazonian powered version, love this redesign, my only issue have been that I dont think the artist in the show draw her feminine enough, so here is how I will like they to make her XD, hope you folks like this one.

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She looks very lovely! Nice job drawing her this way^^

How come no one posted any clips from the She-Ra Netflix series onto Sakugabooru? Castelvania gets to be on Sakugabooru & that show is a Netflix exclusive. So why can't She-Ra be on Sakugabooru?

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That's Princess of Power level booty.

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I think the show sucks, but I'm glad you gave "Adora" a make-over. She looks a lot better and more feminine. Plus, she looks great in your artstyle.
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okay i will made a fan art!
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cool que gran dibujo de she-ra es asombroso y fantastico ella es sexy y bella te felicito mucho amigo es un gran trabajo:D:)
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she looks so bashful XD I love it
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Yep.  Totally looks like a boy. (No, I'm NOT letting that one go)
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very cute butt! :D
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the probably reason of she-ra's look change is because they wanted to change the vision of sex symbol than the character have

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Love your artwork , and yeah that is my only issue with most characters. As besides Frosta who makes sense most don't really got an feminine body type among the characters who are adora's age
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Awesome nice colors 
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It's a shame when fanart look better than the original.
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Powerful Young woman ready to fight the Horde!!  
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Extraordinary work!
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It is nice, but i prefer original She-Ra :(
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