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Sakura Ganbaru!

By DarkerEve
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And with this one my fellow folks, I say goodbye to 2017, really a nice year, ironically my first piece I post in 2017 was Karin, now I end the year with her Rival Sakura, coincidence or destiny? XD. Anyway hope you guys and girls like it, thanks for support my work this year and we are just starting, more goodness to come in 2018, have a happy new year folks and enjoy Sakura.

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Sakura Kasugano / SFV is © by Capcom.
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I loved the legs ^^

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Me: You still got spirit, keep it up..

Sakura: Wanna Spar?

Me:'s better than -- *eye twitching* She's behind me isn't she?

Sakura: How did you -- Ohh I didn't tell you that I invited her to spar with us didn't I?

Karin: Ohhhhohohohohohohoho!!

Me: Nooo *eye still twitching* you did not...

Karin: Shall we begin?

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I thought it was sakura kasugano
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I know is not her last name, the tittle makes reference to "Sakura Ganbaru"  a very popular Sakura manga in japan, that mark the first time Karin appear, even before SF Alpha 3, the tittle means "Sakura gives her Best" I liked as a tittle for this image so I use it XD.
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She's back!!!!
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Ever played guilty gear? The new one is good shit
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I love it....I use Jam, some fan arts of GG will coming up soon XD.
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Oh "hell yeah!" xD
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Otro super trabajo compa 
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ahi falto el hermanito jugando super nintento, TANANANA ANANA TANANA * cancion de sakura street figther alpha 2 LA MEJOR STREETFIHTER ()) *(asd gast a ntananananan atnantan tana nTNYATNATNATANTANTANTANTANTANATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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Psss Alpha 3 papa la verdadera XD
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El mundo de SFV de donde los resmastizaron de la alpha 3 o 2 ? Muahuahuahuahuahuahuah
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Our girl has finally grown up... :')
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Gotta love those high kicks she does. ;)
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Really beautiful art work man! :) I love the detail to every little object in the bg too. I love how you rendered this costume here 
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Is it weird that she's in her twenties and still wearing bloomers?
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A better question would be, is it weird that she's in her twenties and still wearing a high school uniform?
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I think that's not a high school uniform, but at the same time I am not completely sure
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