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Lilith And Hooty


Probably the weirdest friendship in TV right now, but I can't help to love them, my little tribute to Lilith and Hooty from the Owl House, hope you folks enjoy this one.

Lilith Clawthorne & Hooty / The Owl House are © by Disney.
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© 2021 DarkerEve
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I thought he hates when she acts like Spongebob after getting passed for promotion

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Very nice! :D Hotty's the best :D

His name is HOOTY whore

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lol yep a typo, thanks for pointing out, now fuck off :)

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Very nice, I loved it! :heart:

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wuau que gran dibujo de llith y hooty de la nueva serie de disney la casa de buho es asombroso y fantastico te felicito mucho darkereve es un gran trabajo:D:)

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This did have my favorite line from her.

"Are you my mother? Because that is an awful lot of judgement."

This pairing was completely unexpected. But I'm happy that these two found a friend in each other.

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Did someone check the ABV of that ice cream? XD

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the most unlikely are the once who end up been the best at times, im surprise how fun is to see this two go at it

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I miss her already. The two of them were the perfect duo.

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I think their friendship is rather sweeet.

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Cierto, una amistad muy rara. Quien imaginaria que estos dos terminarian siendo panas :D(y para aclarar, en Venezuela, "pana" es sinonimo de amig@ , solo quiero aclarar)

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Fantastic work, and indeed this friendship definetely came out of left field, but I'm sure glad it was introduced into our lives ^^

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Love this odd yet adorable friendship! :D Bring Lilith back to the Owl House!

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