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Lil' Peridot

By DarkerEve
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The one who have stole the second season....Little Dorito....I mean the angry slice of yeah PERIDOT XD. I love how the show have developed this character in season 2, almost became my favorite character (no worry Pearl I still love U), so it was elemental to draw her in my Gem series, just waiting to the moment she have her..."first fusion ;)"...jezzz Garnet next time Netflix first. Hope you folks like this.

:iconpatreonplz: Available though my Patreon page, the High Resolution version + PSD File :iconpatreonplz:

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Peridot / Steven Universe is © by Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network.
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thorman's avatar
cool que gran  dibujo de peridot ella es linda y adorable es fantastico y genial te felicito mucho amigo:D:)
Hunter4theWin's avatar
Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww GIF Gravity Falls - Cute! Cute Peridot Icon 
YarTavdhladleklwa's avatar
Shungite: What's wrong, li'l peridot?
gordhanx's avatar
Awww, poor Peri. If only she knew, just where she'd be. This is absolutely wonderful. Very cute and precious.
KirbyFluttershy's avatar
Cheetaur's avatar
I don't know exactly why i like this show so much...but art this good makes it even better
EpicNoob1337xD's avatar
"My limb enhancer!"
naruto162's avatar
Peri is my favorite
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
She's cute whether she likes it or not! And her arc continues to be one of the best things about a show that was already awesome!

Love how you draw her, and all the little nods to her episodes in this. Everything comes from somewhere!
Sopheirion's avatar
demon0496's avatar
AHHH, so smol!
What-the-Gaff's avatar
She's cute in her little footie PJs, isn't she?
h123-4's avatar
Thanks Man! HUGE Peridot Fan. Love 
ThunderWolfang's avatar
Randommode's avatar
Wow this came out really good man :) 
MrSneakyGreat's avatar
Make more Steven Universe!!!😃😃😃
AWhiteStar's avatar
Thenameissasoti's avatar
Sooo freakin adorablePeriLa 
MickLee99's avatar
Wonderful picture.  She's adorable and I love all of her belongings scattered around.  I didn't like Peridot at first but she's really grown on me the last bunch of episodes. 
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