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 My little tribute to She-Ra and The Princesses of Power, the Netflix Reboot series of the original She-Ra, really this show surprise me a lot, I really was expecting to dislike it, but it won me over, the relationship between the 2 lead and rivals Adora and Catra caught me by surprise,  as well many elements of the show, still not perfect but hope improve more for the future seasons, this art is inspired by my favorite episode in the show "The Promise", anyway hope you folks like this one...oh and yes, I going to ship these 2 damn it, Catradora (hey I need a Korrasami replacement XD).

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Adora and Catra /She-Ra and Princesses of Power is © by Dreamworks and Netflix.
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This is one of the best fan arts I have EVER seen. And I have seen A LOOOOT! One of my favorites! Love this show!

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The show is really great. Did you happen to catch Adora talking about the Princesses before the ball? There's a little thing there that legitimately surprised me. Watch it again and let me know if you hear it.
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You mean the Peekablue dating Sweet Bee line? I totally missed that until now that you mentioned this XD.
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I know, right! I heard that and I almost flipped my shit. A canon lesbian relationship in a KIDS SHOW?? That just makes the show even better and gives it still MORE potential for future seasons. I can't wait.
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"A canon lesbian relationship in a KIDS SHOW" 
It will be awesome...if it wasn't for the fact that shows like Sailor Moon have already done it before.Eye Roll 
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True, if you watch the original version and not the watered down American version where they're cousins. Not many kids would be able to watch the regular version.
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If that´s the case then all the kids from LatinAmerica watched the original version back in the 90´s.

Oh yeah! The version that me and all my friends saw back when we were kids dubbed the original japanese dialogues.
I don´t know... but that sounds like a lot of kids.
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This is nice dude, I never seen the Netflix one tho XD 
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mejor capitulo, hermosa pieza
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this is so good
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so very awesome :D
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So I am a huge fan of story and artwork. The Artist and writers of this iteration of She-Ra make me very happy. You can tell they were fans and just wanted to bring the characters that much further out into the spotlight. I actually had to take a second, while I was looking through my notifications to just appreciate how you brought their lifelong relationship to the piece. I love looking at good well done and balanced art. this is one of those pieces that tells you more about their relationship in a glance then anyone could explain in a synopsis.
thanks Jmiller
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The Feels are to strong
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cool que gran dibujo de adora y catra de netflix es asombroso y genial las dos se ven adorables un gran trabajo amigo te felicito mucho:D:)
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I'm watching this series now and I love what they did with the ideas from the original show. In the original show all girls looked like Barbies, even Shadowweaver had a very curvy body but now the characters "the princesses" have Depth and they are very human from Mermitza's idleness to  Entrapta switching sides just for the sake of her own goals make this series worth watching.
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...i still ship it
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Muy chula te quedo la pieza:)
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Damn good show!
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aaawww! so cute! (incoming yuri...<.< )

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