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Commission Super Heroine Love

A cell style commission fan art for :iconceroxide: of the Ame-Comi versions of Powergirl and Supergirl, hope you folks like it, was really fun to make 2 of my favorites Heroines in the same pic :D (and in so lovely way :drool:).

Powergirl and Supergirl are © DC Comics.
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© 2012 - 2021 DarkerEve
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This is just narcissism, you realize!

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wuau que dibujo sexy y ardiente de superchica y powergirl mis superchicas favoritas es un gran trabajo te felicito mucho:D:)
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nice Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Uh dude
these two are the same person(but from two different universes) so they're practically sisters making this incest

im good gays and lesbians but incest is gross!
Actually since they're the same person it's more like masturbation.
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Self and Incest attained :B!
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Oh my... looks like they make a good team then.
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Nerd fantasies at their best. =p
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They're mine too !!
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Like? No! Love it!
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Anime have that twisting characteristic.
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Well if Deadpool can fancy Lady Deadpool... ;) Nice artwork!
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Nice view of Supergirl.
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te pasasteeee , yo que vivo mirando parriba, ahora con mas razon !!
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jojoo muy bueno man, y el fondo te quedo perfecto con el resto del dibu ;D
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Hehe Gracias...hey tienes rato que no posteas, estoy en espera de mas Gala :la:
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