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Caulifla vs Goku

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Hi folks, here is my little tribute to my favorite fight so far from Dragon Ball Super, between Goku and the 2 female Saiyans, Caulifla and Kale, I been a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z, Super haven't capture my attention until now with the Tournament of Power and this fight been my favorite highlight so far (Dat Ultra Instinct Kame Hame ha :love:) , I really liked Caulifla, hope the show bring her back somehow and Kale isn't my favorite (I rather have the real Broly in the show) but she ain't so bad, I actually hope both get as playable characters for Dragon Ball Fighterz as well XD, anyway hope you folks like this piece.

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Kale, Caulifla and Goku / Dragon Ball Super are © by Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation.
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I wonder will I ever achieve ultra instinct....? hmmm with that power I could surpass all the destroyers, the kais, saiyans...Even the Omni king himself...

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cool que gran combate de goku vs caulifla de dragon ball super fue un gran momento me encanta te felcito mucho amigo es un gran trabajo:D:)
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Not a fan of DBS  but is interesting seeing Goku fighting a female since the original series
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Why are you not a fan of DBS? Its awesome and its 10x better than crappy GT eww
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I'll give you a few reasons. But don't hate please.
-Animation and colors downgraded from the 90's
-Unexpected power ups outta nowhere. Fans lost their shit just because Goku's hair didn't change color last time.
-No matter how powerful the characters get, they all fight very similar if not the same at this point.
-The battles aren't tactical and the environment destruction is not as impressive as Frieza's saga
- Comic relief has no timing ruins the pace making you wonder "was that suppose to be funny?
-And I would continue. But I dropped out after the first tournament with Champa and I had enough
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I'm not but apparently you are hating. That fact that you stop watching Super during the Champa arc which was freaking almost 80 episodes ago gives you no right to judge a series or show when you haven't even watch it fully or at least where it is currently now. All your points don't make any sense. They are either false and the ones that are true DBZ had the same problems if not more so get the 90s nostalgic stick out your ass.

-Animation has upgraded from the 90s. Don't even try that crap when your dumbass didn't even watch the other 80 episodes and 2 arcs after the Champa arc. The animation has been great and consistent since the start of the Goku black arc to now currently in episode 120 of the T.O.P arc that just aired today. DBZ had many bad animations but we didn't care too much back then or saw it (since most of us were kids) and the internet wasn't how it was back then were people can knick pick it. Plus the start of Z to frieza saga animation was ass compared to the cell and buu saga. That is what you call improving and progression. Same with super. Has decent animation. Gets better every new arc.

-The God forms and Ultra instinct are badass and make sense unlike growing your hair longer, losing eyebrows and all that primitive bullshit.

-The battles are way more tactical in super than in boring ass Z who does the same "just get stronger" bull crap. You see a lot of strategies in the Black arc and especially in the T.O.P arc. But obviously you wouldn't know that since your ignorant self didn't even watch the rest of the current episodes.

-Frieza saga was not that good the Cell saga was better.

-Super has better comic relief and better filler episodes than Z does.

-And the fact that you stop watching after the Champa arc just explains it there lol

It's one thing to have a opinion but at least watch the goddamn show before you state a opinion.
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Ooohh  I did watched the show. 80 episodes each worth 20 minutes at least it's enough time for me or anybody to review the series (Not as a whole but for the most part). I ain't gonna sit down and wait if it gets better 100 episodes after ( thing that might happen just like any other anime. They all have good an bad arcs). But after 3 strikes I was done. The Cell and buu saga are the ones with the better animation I give you that. No one said that DBZ had Akira's or Ghost in the shell budget and of course there were awful quality downgrades. But in DBS it's not the exception but the norm. The reason why I only mentioned Frieza's saga is because after it many battles looked the same: lightspeed punches, energy beams and all of a sudden many characters share the same special moves. We just didn't care because we were too young to pay attention to those aspects. But if you want to call me a nostalfag... Fine so be it 👍but you can't say I didn't give it a shoot. At least I'm not in a bubble a not accepting objective criticism just because one of my favorite deviantart artists does a fanart of a series I just happen to like.
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For one no you can't judge a series after just watching a few episodes (or a small fraction) of a on going current show that is 120 episodes deep and not stopping anytime soon. You didn't watch the show if you didn't watch all of it (at least for your right to judge it and bash a show.) You only watched like 30 something episodes which is a hella small bit of the show. You don't have to wait 100 episode for it to get better it literally gets interesting and better right after the Champa arc, which is why I said "that explains everything" earlier. But like I said before you don't know that because you didn't actually watch the show you just gave it a shot and watched the worst arcs of the series so far. You should actually give a shot at the later arcs. Start at episode 47 of the start of the Black arc and start from there instead of the 2 sub par movie re telling arcs. That is like me watching the early episodes of Naruto and bashing and judging it from there when we all know the story, animation, and fight scenes gets better as the series progress. Or its like us criticizing DBZ and we only watch the saiyan arc and at first few arc when we both know it definitely gets better and arcs gets better later on as well as animation.

At least I'm not a ignorant person who confuses opinion with hate and should know that you can give a show a shot and have a opinion about it, but you have no right to bash or criticize a show that you didn't watch fully or even saw a lot of the good stuff. Super has been great since the black arc and has millions of people tuning in every week to watch whats next and it has great ratings with a 5/5 on crunchyroll and a 9.1 on t.v. If you sit back and freaking watch the episode 47 to now currently (the good and best stuff so far) you would probably change your opinion about it and decide to continue watching it and be hyped for more.

Or you can go watch your little half bad animated, more boring, less strategic fights, boring filler, bad writing, plotholes and ass pulls type show like DBZ. And this is coming from a guy who LOVES Dragon ball Z. It's just to me Super is better and more entertaining and not dragged out long af like Z. And I can say that because I watched ALL of Z and Super so far.....and even crappy GT yuck. I hope you take my offer and watch the start of the Black arc and it changes your mind. Bye.
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Not because it's popular means its good. Not related to anime but I don't think you'll binge watch the twilight movies just because they did pretty good on sales right? That's a "fallacy of mediocrity ". Thanks for the offer, but I'm gonna stick to my guns. As for my personal recommendation I suggest you watch JoJo ( it has its flaws but its better writen) adios
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For the majority of the time something gets popular when it appeals to everybody and they like and are interested in it. GT got cancelled because it wasn't good despite being continuation of a very popular franchise series. So what is your point? Exactly. We are talking about a show not trends now pay attention. Your squirt guns aren't reliable lol If that is your reason for not watching it then that's sad because your excuse is dumb and weak af. You basically stop watching a show because of false and ignorant claims. If Super sucks then Z sucks because Super follows the blueprint of Toriyama and they are very identical. I'll pass on that JoJo offer, I'll just stick to my reliable guns that spit facts and don't make up false and ignorant claims that are bullshit just for a excuse. Bye bye
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Dat ASS js RIP :T
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muy bueno el trabajos como siempre :D
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Master Piece!
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Nice work and very cool battle damage on the clothing!
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its getting intense.
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Caulifla looks like she wants to eat Goku XD
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I'll be honest, most of the picture came out great with the exception of Caulifla's face. Looks extremely disturbing.
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How? Looks okay tbh. She just looks extremely pissed lol
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Don't worry, Goku will probably wish the erased universes back after they win the tournament. I grew up on Dragonball, I loved it, but I just can't bring myself to enjoy it anymore. Even rewatching Z was a failed attempt. The shounen genre and anime in general, developed so far beyond this level. Ofc we get a bunch of worthless pieces every season, but the powerhouses, like Boku no Hero Academia and Shokugeki no Shouma, do shounen much better than Dragonball Super does. Super does the exactly same what Z did. Introducing new power levels, new ultimate, seemingly impossible challenges and a break thru in the end.
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That is what makes Dragon ball, Z, and Super awesome though.
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wwwhhhaattt?! a SFW post? lol XD
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