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Hi Folks, here is another tribute to my favorite current couple XD Adora and Catra from She-Ra Princesses of Power, a little reflect of a certain piece I did for another popular ship:

Korrasami by DarkerEve anyway hope you folks enjoy this one.

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Catra & Adora / She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is © by Dreamworks.
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Oh yeah, nice hot panties.

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like this pairing. The two look very sexy here, especially Catra. And I do like that her panties have Adora's name on them.

But I gotta say, that I like Catra's long, bushy hairstyle better.

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Nice and catra's panties 👌

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cool que gran dibujo de adora y catra es asombroso y fantastico las dos son sexy y ardientes me encanta te felicito mucho amigo es un gran trabajo:D :) :love: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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The Adora Pants are fun. Nice work.

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Adora looks way too much like Samus from Metroid.

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I don’t care what the naysayers think, this is a truly superior remake.

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hehehe someone miss her XD

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cute / tierna

To Love-Ru - Momo and Nana Icon XD

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I loved Catra wearing Adora's panties so much I stood and saluted. 😁
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Adora: (pulls harder)

Catra: EEK! A-Adora...p-please stop....m-my tail is very s-sensitive!

Adora: oh is it?

Catra: OKAY!!! I'll s-stop grabbing your nice booty without permission!

Adora: CATRA!!! (blushes hard) *sigh* I like it when you grab my butt.

Catra: you do?.....w-well I kinda like petting as long as it isn't rough.

Adora: i'll be more gentle if you be more gentle.

Catra: deal!

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So, it seems in this universe, Cattra's species are a more feline version of Saiyans and the tail weakness is still present.

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yeah.....I think that was the point of her character in the show.

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Cute girls, loved it!

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That's very cute! :D wonder what will happen next :O

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This is catradorable!

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Catra gets a taste of her own medicine. Nice.

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Awwww, how cute

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(Adora labeling her things. Smart girl.)

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lovely work here :aww:

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Nice =3 it a nice view XD

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5 seasons for them to get together -_-

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