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My little tribute to my favorite character of She-Ra Princesses of Power, the always conflictive Catra (and Double Trouble playing her), love the way this show have developed this character with so much complexity and issues that make her the best character in the show, hope you folks likes this one.

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Catra / She-Ra Princesses of Power is © by Dreamworks Animation.
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Double Trouble/Catra: you try so hard to play the big, bad villain. but your heart's never been in it. has it?

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Oh, so the second Catra is another character cosplaying as her? Nice idea and pretty unusual. The two look very nice together.

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Its double Trouble a shape shifter, that happen in the season 4 finale.

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Oh, cool. Haven't watched that far yet. I am still on season 1.
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Ahh what a great idea.

Really cool.

Yeah the show has several awesome characters but Catra is definetly one of the most interensting charas I've ever seen.

And it's interesting too that so many peeps love her <3

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very nice man catching up still loving this work
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They need to both hook up with She-Ra, she needs a pussycat like her brothet
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wuau que gran dibujo de catra de la nueva serie de she-ra me encanta te felicito mucho amigo es un gran trabajo:D:)
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Muy duro, te pasaste
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Catra is to gay AND to narcissistic for this,
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Double Trouble's take down of her was amazing and incredibly cathartic. 
This pic is fantastic!
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without having watched all of the show, the few episode i have watched has truely been awe inspiring for Catra. You never really know how she'll react to what's gonna happen to her next. An lovely tribute!
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looks like a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen 
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siempre la odie pero esta genial
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sexyyyy ewe 
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una maldita grasaaa!
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Wow that's really awesome! both sides of Catra going head to head with eachother and in a very playful and hurtful way. 
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