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Shazam (2019) Review

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 5, 2019, 7:40 AM

Well I finally saw Captain Marvel, so....lets talk about it XD. seems like DC is really getting his mojo back, 2 back to back good movies with light heart tone, and genuine good movies, not bad, keep this going please. Okay besides the opening joke (if you understood the Captain Marvel reference you truly are a fan of Shazam). I been looking to see this film since the first trailer, it really looking like a light heart fun film, and it was exactly like that, and I can be more happy about it, so glad DC is turning away from the dark depressive tone that BVS cast upon the DCEU and also stop trying to make set ups for upcoming sequels, this film is defined part of the DCEU but it hold in its own, so you dont need to see any other film to get the story about this one. But is not perfect, still have some minor issues that in my opinion dont affect the quality of this film, but is worth notice this.


-Its wayyy more Kid Friendly: If you are a fan of the dark, gritty, depressive and violence universe Snyder start.....well, you probably aint gonna watch this one XD. There are some dark things that happen in the early first act, but by the time Billy is become fully Shazam, the film is pretty much a lighthearted tale, so its good at least to keep the expectation low if your are expected to this one be dark or someshit.....but again its a SHAZAM FILM, so you expect that in here is kinda weird.

-The CGI: After watch Alita Battle Angel as much as I did....kinda scrub this up for any upcoming film, because, JESUS the CGI here is not as good, not get me wrong the scenes of Shazam using his powers are pretty good, and the flight scenes are pretty much excellent, but a couple of...cof, cof, others 7 things that are full CG are hilariously noticeable CG, plus some scenes in the last act.

Other that this... maybe not all jokes land, maybe some dialogues are a bit cheesy and campy, but, that's DC so I cant say that is bad, so lets talk positives, because its a LOT.


-The Story: I really liked the story here, its a discovering of yourself and connect with who really is family and what is important about that family bond, how the lack of that cant be negative and how can be positive, Billy Batson is a trouble teenager kid who get lost as a child and he is trying to find his real Mom and family, he runaway from every foster family who try to give him a new home, but he believe he already have a real home and family and not want to attached to strangers, he get in a lot of troubles but his reasoning is very understandable, eventually he is adopted by the Vasquez's a family of Former Fosterkids themselves who understand better than anyone for what Billy is passing, there is meet Freddie Freeman a paraplegic kid who is a huge Super Hero fanboy of Batman, Superman, any great establish DC hero, Billy still rejects them but one day after stand against the bullies of the school who were bullying Freddie, Billy found himself in the Rock of Eternity and meet the Wizard Shazam who granted him his powers......from this point on the film become BIG MEET SUPERMAN.....and its fun as hell. Also very cleaver the writers tied Billy story to the main Villain who is Doctor Sivana, who was a previous kid who the Wizzard Shazam saw potential to become Shazam, but fail, his story is the perfect opposite to Billy, creating an excellent parallel between them.

-The Characters: You guys know me well, I love more than story its GOOD CHARACTERS, and this film have amazing good ones. The entire FOSTER FAMILY of the Vasquez's is incredibly likable, Cooper Andrews and Marta Milans did a fantastic job as Victor and Rosa Vasquez, but the kids are all great, I specially love the cute and energetic Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley. Mark Strong as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana was another highlight, I loved how they literally making the perfect opposite of Billy, and he was terrific here. But the 3 show stealers are indeed, the 3 main characters. Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddie Freeman was excellent, he is funny and a bit annoying but never insufferable, his chemistry with Billy is extremely good, no matter it was Kid Billy or Adult Billy, you believe those 2 are friends and know each other, despite the little amount of time they have meeting, also he is a fan of Super Heroes and references them a lot. Billy Batson play by both Asher Angel and Zachary Levi, they both really NAILED the role, I love what they did with Billy here, Angel have to play with several emotions in the film and he does it amazingly well, and Zachary is perfectly cast as Shazam, you never doubt for a second that he is a kid, and its hilarious, but when he need to get emotional or serious, he cant play that very well.

-The Super Power scenes and Action: By any mean this is the best badass looking Super Hero film, and the action is okay, but better than the action I loved the scenes of Billy learning his powers and using them for its own reasons, very much like Peter Parker Spiderman did, these scenes are fun as hell and are my personal highlight despite the action itself is just okay.

-The Comedy: In my opinion....this film is pretty much a family comedy, works, the jokes for the most part landed, even some small adult jokes have me cracking in my seat, I recommend avoid some of the trailers, I think they give some of the best comedy parts away, but still I have a blast with this film.

Again what I liked the most its the sincerity and heart the story have and the characters, this is the kind of Superhero films Warner/DC should have been doing from the start, the themes in this film are themes that kids today can learn a lot, and Billy Batson is a very identifiable hero to inspired a generation of kids.

Overall, totally recommended, its still not my favorite DCEU film, I still like more Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but its a step in the right direction, and hopefully we get Black Adam in the sequel (still don't know if THE ROCK is the right person for that part, but hey, we will see).

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