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How hot is this picture??!??

I found this advertisement for Calvin Klein in one of Jack's magazine's and just _had_ to draw it...

whatcha think??
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pretty cool :)
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very hot and so much passion and love, nice :)
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mmm wowza. Must have been so fun to draw, i can feel the passion in this its amazing!
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This is really good. The detail in the jeans is amazing. This is very good work
Amazing and beautiful.

I really like it.
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the guys right arm, where its coming under hers it looks kind of flat there
other than that its perfect
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yeah it does, thanks for the feedback
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I think you did a beautiful job!! <3
totally agree. before i even readed what u wrote about it, i thought to myself, thats hot. it really is sexy. passion.
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hey, I have drawn the same..comin the same from ~AngelAvril, its fantastic
that is an amazing drawing i whish i was as talented as you
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Lol I'm gonna be very honest. I saw this pic and my jaw hit the floor. I think this picture is amazing, incredible...your talents is astounding ( hope I spelt that right ) I love it. Have to make it a would be a crime not to.
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Your very welcome
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Holy crap that looks amazing! :heart:
So hot!! and so well drawn!!! :o
Wonderfull! You're an amazing artist! :clap:

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there seems to be a lot of comments....or maybe i am just stupid, either way this pic kicks ass :clap:
wow this is hot as!! i love the way u can make it look so realistic :) very very nice, can i fav this? its just gorjuz!!
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What's the dark line on his stomach/hip area?
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