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Talim - just not so original

Hmm, I was trying to get this in before midnight, but I guess that didn't work. Sigh. I can never beat the clock.

So yes, this is Talim from Soul Calibur II. I used to use Link and Taki, but now I use her...and I still suck just as badly. XD Though, I'm getting the hang of her dodge moves, so I should be slightly better. Yes. *coughs*

And...FIRST PIECE WITH TABLET. Har, I love it. At first I couldn't even do lines without them looking horrible and wobbly, but now I can use it and it's lovely and all that. So, more pics from me soon, I think. :D And actually...I think that this is one of my best ones yet. The coloring part, I mean. My lineart still isn't that good...I need to practice drawing, methinks. But yes, this is definitely not an original pose, hence the title.

...One of these days, I will do another original pic that actually looks good... -_-;

Talim, Soul Calibur II © Namco
Done with PS (I can't use PSP anymore now that I have this tablet ;_;], WACOM intuos2 tablet, 0.7 mech pencil.
Time? Way too long.

EDIT: By the way, this is thanks for over 1,000 hits on deviantART!

Edit 7/19: Eh, sorry if you get this again in your devwatches...just had to fix up several glaring issues and all that. *laughs*
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I have to agree with the Miyazaki comment, she looks very Miyazaki-ish here! Of course, I love that art style too.
This is as good a place as any to say so I suppose, but many people seem to play as Talim and Link in SC2 (Self included)
and this rather amuses me considering the amount of shipping between them!

I theorize it's because of the similar color palettes, the relation of Wind with Link, and then also that both of them are of comparable age and have a similar psychological profile and tend to not be uber violent combat obsessed nuts...

Hope I don't sound crazy!
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Nice! She's one of my favs!
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Wow, It's smart of you to say it's NOT the original ;), but it's amazing

(I'm no match for you, but maybe you can give me some tips)
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Cool Talim pic. Thank you for allowing your picture to be in the group. :)
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kicked so much but with her in soul calibur. some of the nastiest multiple combos.
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well, her face definitely reminds me of Miyazaki's art.
but i think you re deserving of praise, cuz this is really amazingg!
Nina-Rose-Mangaka's avatar
wow this is really amazing!!!
(talim's my fav soul calibur char.) :D i realllly love this!
quite honestly, your style looks like Hayao Miyazaki.
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Thanks! She's my favorite too. Haha, I don't know if my work's Miyazaki-esque - his is softer and more of the old anime style, whereas mine is more akin to the newer styles out there more heavily influenced by realism. Basically, I'm rambling and undeserving of that kind of praise. XD
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shes my fav. give me soul calibur .give me talim. epic win!! :)
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anywayz she's my fav character n you did a perfect work :)
TrixieRyuu's avatar
whoa very good!
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Cool, this is really Cool
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Talim is the character I use best, followed by Taki, Assassin, Lizardman, Nightmare and Ivy. Ivy is a really difficult character and it takes a long time to get used to be moves.

This is really love, great job!!
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Talim is like the best! I can kick anyone's ass with her!
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love it!! very nice job on talim :)
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Aw, c'mon, that's GORGEOUS lineart! You drew her really well here, and I love the coloring you put into this. n_n :+fav:
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:heart: Talim
It's very nice
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I love this! I'm gonna fav it! <3 I don't know about what yamiyu/azileath is talking about, but this is great. I know that you copied this and that, but doesn't matter. You did very well. Congratulations ^^
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Ahaha, you know what she's like. But she helps me with a bit of my proportions, so I guess it's all good. :XD: Thanks a bunch :D
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Very nice rendition of Talim!
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Oh WOW this is cool CG! The drawing is very nice as well! Nice work!
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Heh, thank you very much and I'm glad you like it! :)
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