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charcoal and coffee

By darkendtwist
it's not straightly shoot... i also know it's not amazing, but i thought i might up date with a piece or two and this is one that i "recently" photographed...
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3264x2448px 1.52 MB
Shutter Speed
1/40 second
Focal Length
9 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Apr 30, 2008, 10:34:43 PM
Published:   |  Mature
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melimsah's avatar
Urgh... Shawn's class... next semester... 8am...argh...

Kinda terrified what Fig Draw 2 will be all about. And I'm gonna MISS YOU MORE THAN EVER!!!

But it's pretty funny - it's like the whole figure drawing class is also taking figure painting, so we're all gonna be looking at naked people together for the first half of Tues/Thurs. Pretty awesome :P

BUT I'LL STILL MISS YOOOOU!! I haz no friends in the art world no mores....
awww!!! i miss you too megan!!! OMG so community college believes i need a 3DD class... so i'm in one right? our first project you ask?? well we have to make a project out of paper and wire (it's like paper machie) i say no!!! i am do my way!!!!
i would love to see some of your naked figure work tho! (haha) so you guys only have like what 4 weeks left of class or something right?? CRAZY! how are things going??